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Piracy More Of a Concern Than Used Games

http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lwas7oOYWm1r8umx7o1_500.jpg In a recent interview, Miyamoto has said that the way to stop the selling of used games is to make games people want to keep.  He also said that piracy is more of a concern than the pre-owned games market.
For us it's less about used games and it's really more illegal copying of games that we're really worried about. By creating the games that we create and selling those games, it enables us to then create new versions of those games. In fact, from our perspective you want to create a game that people will want to keep and keep playing for a long time. That's the approach that we always take and that's the best way to avoid used games.
Maybe if Nintendo didn't make their new hardware so easy to emulate and hack it wouldn't happen as often. What do you think of Miyamoto's statement? What is your opinion of used games?

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