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Animal Crossing Golden Tools

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In the Animal Crossing series, there are two (sometimes three) tiers of equipment. For the most part, you can buy the tier one equipment at Tom Nook's store for either 500 or 400 bells. The hard part is obtaining the tier two equipment, which is overall the hardest task in the entire game. Below is a Animal Crossing Golden Tools guide.

How to Get Golden Tools in Animal Crossing

Golden Axe

The Golden Axe can be a huge plus if you want to find the "Money Rock" everyday, or just feel like chopping down all the trees in your town, as the golden axe never breaks. However, out of all of the golden items, this is by far the hardest to get. To get the golden axe, you must maintain a perfect city status for two weeks. City status is dictated by the wishing well on a scale of how many trees you have, and how few weeds and trash are dirtying up the town. Every acre must have no weeds, and between 12 and 14 trees, any more or any less and the wishing well will not count it as perfect, and you will have to start over. Make sure to pull your weeds everyday and check back with the wishing well to make sure you kept that perfect rating, and after two weeks, the wishing well will give you your reward!

Golden Shovel

The golden shovel is nice to have, as it will randomly dig up bags of 100 bells. You can get the golden shovel by finding the golden spot in your town. There is one every day in random locations. Dig it up, and plant a shovel, making sure that the location is ideal for any normal tree. Once the tree is fully grown, shake it to claim your golden shovel!

Golden Fishing Rod

The golden rod is extremely useful for money grinding or just catching fish for sport, as fish will home in on the bobber of the golden rod whether or not they see it. The golden rod is obtained by catching every fish in the game. Depending on when you started, it will probably take you at least a year to catch all the fish in the different seasons. Once you have accomplished this mammoth task, talk to Tortimor to claim your prize!

Golden Bug Net

The golden net, unlike the regular net, swings sideways, making bug catching significantly easier. As you have probably guessed, the golden net requires that you catch all the bugs. After which, talk to Tortimor to get this extremely useful tool!

Thanks for using our guide to getting Golden Tools in Animal Crossing!

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