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Animal Crossing: Wild World Golden Tools

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Staying true to the Gamecube version of Animal Crossing, you'll be able to collect a number of Golden Tools in Animal Crossing: Wild World. These tools are often difficult go get, but will have elevated effects over their normal counterparts. Below is a guide on how to obtain allWild World Golden Tools.

Wild World Golden Tools

Golden Axe

In order to get the golden axe, you must first get the scallop seashell though initiating a trade sequence with Wendell by giving him a red turnip. If you manage to get the scallop shell, you can give it to Pascal for the golden axe. Pascal is located on the beach from 6 AM to 12 AM during a random day of the week. The golden axe never breaks, no matter how many trees you chop down.

Golden Fishing Rod

If you manage to catch every kind of fish in the game, Tortimer will congratulate you by giving you the golden fishing rod! The next time you start up your game, he will be waiting in front of your house to give you your hard earned prize. The golden rod'€™s lure will attract fish easier.

Golden Net

Catch every kind of bug at least once, and Tortimer will give you the golden net. Like with the fishing rod, he will be waiting for you outside of your house the next time you start your game. The golden net is twice as large as the normal net, making it much easier to catch bugs.

Golden Slingshot

If you shoot down 15 presents tied to balloons in the sky with the normal slingshot, the golden slingshot (in the form of a gold toolbox attached to a yellow balloon) will be the next thing in the sky. Shoot this down, and you will have your golden slingshot! This slingshot fires 3 pellets in an arch, making it easier to shoot down presents.

Golden Shovel

To get the golden shovel, buy a normal shovel from Tom Nook's and bury it in the ground. After 24 hours, dig it up and you will have your golden shovel! The golden shovel allows you to grow money trees by burying money bags.

Golden Watering Can

The golden watering can is obtained by keeping your town's environment perfect for 16 days in a row. This means that your town must be rid of weeds and garbage, as well as having many flowers and trees spread evenly throughout the town. You can talk to Pelly or Phyllis at the town hall to determine the condition of your town. If you water wilted black roses with the golden can, they will turn into gold roses the next day!

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