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Kirby: Super Star Great Cave Offensive Treasure Guide

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In Kirby Super Star, one of the longest modes is the Great Cave Offensive, where Kirby is tasked with recovering treasure in an expansive world filled with secrets. Each area in the guide below is separated by a brief minecart section. Below is a Great Cave Offensive Treasure Guide that will guide you through getting all treasures in the Great Cave Offensive.

Sub-Tree Area Treasures in the Great Cave Offensive

Treasure #1: Gold Medal

Kirby Super Star Gold Medal LocationKirby Super Star Gold Medal

The Gold Medal is available from the beginning of the game by running right and dropping down after the first hill in the game.

Treasure #2: Gold Coin

Kirby Super Star Gold Coin Room LocationKirby Super Star Gold Coin LocationKirby Super Star Gold Coin

As you continue to run right, you'll notice two Lovelies surrounding a pillar. Use any ability to defeat the enemies and open the pillar, revealing the path to the Gold Coin.

Treasure #3: Whip

Kirby Super Star Whip Bomb Location Kirby Super Star Whip LocationKirby Super Star Whip

As you continue right, before you reach the next door, you'll notice some bombs lining the ground. Hit the first and third to reveal the location of the Whip. Hitting the middle one will make a wall appear in front of the treasure.

Treasure #4: Crystal Ball

Kirby Super Star Crystal Ball PuzzleKirby Super Star Crystal Ball LocationKirby Super Star Crystal Ball

Once you go through the door, you'll be placed in a room with a puzzle that essentially requires a second player. Solving the puzzle is as simple as having your friend step on one of the buttons, going through the gate, then summoning him back and repeating this process. If you get stuck, go through the available doors to reset. Once you make it to the end, the Crystal Ball is your reward.

Treasure #5: Lucky Cat

Kirby Super Star Lucky Cat LocationKirby Super Star Lucky Cat

The Lucky Cat is found in the same room as the Crystal Ball, only up and to the right. Once you have gone through the water area, break the blocks above you by jumping and the Lucky Cat is in the chest above you.

Treasure #6: Seiryu Sword

Kirby Super Star Seiryu Sword LocationKirby Super Star Seiryu Sword

The Seiryu Sword is found in the next room on a pedestal above some lava. Use any power to break the bricks above, which will drop the sword onto the lower level. Collect the treasure while being sure to not break the brick below the chest, as that will require you to reset the room.

Treasure #7: Screw Ball

Kirby Super Star Screw Ball LocationKirby Super Star Screw Ball

Use the beam power to break blocks to the right of the Seiryu Sword. This will reveal the Screw Ball.

Treasure #8: Echigo Candy

Kirby Super Star Echigo Candy LocationKirby Super Star Echigo Candy Save PointKirby Super Star Echigo Candy

The Echigo Candy is found directly above the first save-point, in a chest that falls down directly onto the door. Obtain it by using Beam to break the blocks in front of you. The Echigo Candy will be on the other side.

Treasure #9: Zebra Mask

Kirby Super Star Zebra Mask LocationKirby Super Star Zebra Mask

The Zebra Mask is found during your normal progression through the Great Cave Offensive by destroying several hidden bomb blocks. Then, backtrack to the water and the Zebra Mask is at the end of the path.

Treasure #10: Star Stone

Kirby Super Star Star Stone LocationKirby Super Star Star Stone

The Star Stone is found immediately after the hammer-wielding mini-boss, up the ladder, and in a room with multiple healing items and your 10th treasure. Take the cannon upwards in the top-left corner of the room to reach it.

Treasure #11: Beast's Fang

Kirby Super Star Beast's Fang LocationKirby Super Star Beast's Fang

The Beast's Fang is found to the right of the Star Stone, being guarded by 2 Gordos. Be patient when approaching the chest.

Treasure #12: Bandana

Kirby Super Star Bandana LocationKirby Super Star Bandana ChestKirby Super Star Bandana

In the next room, there is a small inlet surrounded by bombable blocks. Bomb them to make the chest drop containing the Bandana.

Treasure #13: Springtime

Kirby Super Star Springtime LocationKirby Super Star  Springtime ChestKirby Super Star Springtime

Near the exit to the first boss is a rope platform that is able to be cut using the cutter or sword abilities. Do so, and you will fall down into the area containing the chest.

Crystal Area Treasures in the Great Cave Offensive

Treasure #14: Dime

Kirby Super Star Dime LocationKirby Super Star Dime

In the main crystal room, drop down into the water below the door. The Dime is on the ground below the door.

Treasure #15: Glass Slippers

Kirby Super Star Glass Slippers LocationKirby Super Star Glass Slippers

Break the blocks below the Dime to reveal a 1up and the glass slippers.

Treasure #16: Goblet

Kirby Super Star Goblet LocationKirby Super Star Goblet

In the next room, take the door below and to the left of the save point. Hit the button to your left to activate the water, and the goblet will be revealed further down.

Treasure #17: Saucepan

Kirby Super Star Saucepan LocationKirby Super Star Saucepan

In the same room as the Goblet, in the far bottom right corner is a button. Position yourself above the gap next to the button and hit it to reveal the treasure. Quickly grab it before it ends up in the pit.

Treasure #18: Brass Knuckle

Kirby Super Star Brass Knuckle LocationKirby Super Star Brass Knuckle SwitchKirby Super Star Brass Knuckle

To the left of where the Saucepan was is an enemy next to an inaccessible wall. Swallow the enemy to gain the Crash power and use it to open the door. Swim through to get the treasure.

Treasure #19: Amber Rose

Kirby Super Star Amber Rose LocationKirby Super Star Amber Rose

From the location of the Brass Knuckle, go up and to the left, hitting the switch along the way to open up the water. Go up, dodging the bomb and crash enemies and claim the chest to your left.

Treasure #20: Fish Fossil

Kirby Super Star Fish Fossil LocationKirby Super Star Fish Fossil

In the same room as the Brass Knuckle, hit the bomb block to the right of the Amber Rose using the bomb power-up. Run against the wind and go through the door. The fish fossil is on the left.

Treasure #21: Beast Fossil

Kirby Super Star Beast Fossil LocationKirby Super Star Beast Fossil

The Beast Fossil is found in the same room as the Fish Fossil, in the right chest.

Treasure #22: Nunchuks

Kirby Super Star Nunchuks LocationKirby Super Star Nunchuks

After acquiring the fossils, exit the door and go to your left. Continue your ascent upwards and enter a room on your right. Defeat the Poppy Bro to acquire the treasure.

Treasure #23: Bucket

Kirby Super Star Bucket LocationKirby Super Star Bucket

From the hub room, take the door directly beneath the save door. Go up and to the right, acquiring the yo-yo powerup on the way. Swim your way down through the tunnels, and resist the current above you to claim the treasure in a nook blocked off by some blocks.

Treasure #24: Summertime

Kirby Super Star Summertime LocationKirby Super Star Summertime

Summertime is found in the room to the right of the bucket with the moving platforms. Avoid the spikes and use the yo-yo powerup to destroy the blocks guarding the treasure.

Treasure #25: 100 Dollar Coin

Kirby Super Star 100 Dollar Coin LocationKirby Super Star 100 Dollar Coin

Take the path to the right of where you found Summertime, then enter the water below you. Be wary of the current and dodge the Gordos. The treasure is on the bottom of this area, but the current makes it difficult to acquire without multiple attempts.

Treasure #26: Ancient Gem

Kirby Super Star Ancient Gem LocationKirby Super Star Ancient Gem

From the hub room of this area, take the right door below the save point. Float up and to the left, dodging the copy monster along the way. Hit the switch to reveal the treasure.

Treasure #27: Falcon Helmet

Kirby Super Star Falcon Helmet LocationKirby Super Star Falcon Helmet

The Falcon Helmet is found to the right and below the Ancient Gem, hidden by some destructible blocks. Use whatever powerup you can to reveal the treasure.

Treasure #28: Dud

Kirby Super Star Dud LocationKirby Super Star Dud

The Dud is found in the same room as the Falcon Helmet and Ancient Gem, but up and to the right. Break the bomb block beneath you to reveal the treasure.

Treasure #29: Truth Mirror

Kirby Super Star Truth Mirror LocationKirby Super Star Truth Mirror

The Truth Mirror is in the same room as the Dud. It is found beneath the door to the next area, and requires that you resist the current and dodge spiky obstacles to acquire it. This may take several attempts. Hit the block above you after acquiring it to open a shortcut to the boss.

Old Tower Treasures in the Great Cave Offensive

Treasure #30: Star Tiara

Kirby Super Star Star Tiara LocationKirby Super Star Star Tiara

In the next area, take the central door and suck up one of the blocks above you. Go through the revealed gap and up above the main door to find the door to the treasure. It is guarded by several Gordos encased in destructible blocks.

Treasure #31: Turtle Shell

Kirby Super Star Turtle Shell StakeKirby Super Star Turtle Shell LocationKirby Super Star Turtle Shell

This treasure requires the Hammer powerup, which can be acquired later on in the Old Tower. Once you have it, go back to the main hub room. Go through the left door and hit the stake in the next room. Go down the elevators, and the Turtle Shell will be revealed after the miniboss.

Treasure #32: Sword

Kirby Super Star Sword CannonKirby Super Star Turtle Sword LocationKirby Super Star Sword

After the miniboss and acquisition of the turtle shell, go through the door to the right. Take the cannon using a fire ally to reveal the Sword.

Treasure #33: Warrior's Shield

Kirby Super Star Warrior's Shield LocationKirby Super Warrior's Shield

After getting the sword, take the shortcut back to the left and take the lower door. Stay on the bottom of the current to see the chest which contains the Warrior's Shield.

Treasure #34: Unicorn Horn

Kirby Super Star Unicorn Horn LocationKirby Super Star Unicorn Horn

In the room with the falling bombs, directly before the miniboss where you acquired the hammer, there is a bomb block near the exit. Destroy it and head back to the entrance to find the Unicorn Horn.

Treasure #35: Autumntime

Kirby Super Star Autumntime LocationKirby Super Star Autumntime ChestKirby Super Star Autumntime

Go into the door with the hammer miniboss, and be careful not to hit the bomb block immediately beneath him. If you did this, you can hit the switch to the right of the block to allow the chest to fall onto the bridge.

Treasure #36: Rice Bowl

Kirby Super Star Rice Bowl LocationKirby Super Star How to Get Rice BowlKirby Super Star Rice Bowl

After you fight the collection of mini-bosses after the collection of Autumntime, go to the next room and use the yo-yo power to hit the bomb block at the top of the hill found in the center of the room. Take the skimmer vehicle that is revealed to get the treasure.

Treasure #37: Tut's Mask

Kirby Super Star Tut's Mask LocationKirby Super Star Tut's Mask

In the room after the Rice Bowl, Tut's Mask is visible surrounded by fire and destructible blocks. Use the yo-yo power or beam to blow up the bomb block and acquire the treasure.

Treasure #38: Mr. Saturn

Kirby Super Star Mr. Saturn MinigameKirby Super Star Mr. Saturn LocationKirby Super Star Mr. Saturn

In the room after Tut's Mask, ascend and head into the first door on the right that you see. You will find yourself looking at several sleep statues. The goal here is to run against the current while dodging the statues to make it to Mr. Saturn.

Treasure #39: Armor

Kirby Super Star Mr. Saturn MinigameKirby Super Star Mr. Saturn

Go back to the main room from Mr. Saturn and ascend to the left. The Armor is in a chest underneath the left-most door.

Treasure #40: Treasure Box

Kirby Super Star Treasure Box LocationKirby Super Star Treasure Box

During your ascent after acquiring the Armor you will see a central door nearby. Enter it and, in the star-room, take the springboard up and to the left to acquire the Treasure Box.

Treasure #41: Mannequin

Kirby Super Star Mannequin LocationKirby Super Star Mannequin

After exiting the door from the Treasure Box, take a left and go through the door. This requires quick reaction-time to snag the treasure, but with some practice you can acquire the Mannequin before the wall closes in.

Treasure #42: Gold Crown

Kirby Super Star Gold Crown How to GetKirby Super Star Gold Crown LocationKirby Super Star Gold Crown

This treasure requires the stone power-up, and is found right before the boss of the Old Tower. Use the stone power to slide into the bricks to the right of the boss door. Swim to the next door, enter the door, cross the bridge, and enter the next room. The Gold Crown chest is the one in the water as soon as you enter.

Treasure #43: King's Cape

Kirby Super Star King's Cape PowerKirby Super Star King's Cape LocationKirby Super Star King's Cape

After acquiring the Gold Crown, go into the door above you and to the left. This requires either the ninja or the cutter powers, both of which can be acquired from around the boss (ninja before, cutter after), as well as either stone or hammer. Cut the rope, bash the stake into the ground, and go through the door. The King's Cape is found at the top of the next room.

Treasure #44: Model Ship

Kirby Super Star Model Ship How to GetKirby Super Star Model Ship LocationKirby Super Star Model Ship

In the room after the chameleon boss, take the cannons to the upper left nook and enter the door. This requires the fire power-up and any ally. Use the ally to stay on the switch, and make your way up the room to the top and enter the door quickly after your ally is summoned. When you enter the door, the Model Ship is in the chest on the ledge.

Treasure #45: Sun Ring

Kirby Super Star Sun Ring LocationKirby Super Star Sun Ring

In the cannon room, repeat the same process as you did to acquire the Model Ship, but go to the top right instead. Using the fire power, light the candles and enter the door that is revealed. Enter the door and the Sun Ring is in the chest on the ledge.

Garden Area Treasures in the Great Cave Offensive

Treasure #46: Wintertime

Kirby Super Star Wintertime LocationKirby Super Star Wintertime

In the first room of the Garden, hit the first switch you see and kill the enemies you see. Then, enter the hole they spawned out of. The chest is in the center of the room.

Treasure #47: Katana

Kirby Super Star Katana LocationKirby Super Star Katana/>

Take the jet power in the next room and use it to hug the right side of the wall against the current. Enter the gap and fall to get the Katana.

Treasure #48: Charm

Kirby Super Star Charm Hidden BlockKirby Super Star Charm LocationKirby Super Star Charm

After acquiring the Gold Crown, go into the door above you and to the left. This requires either the ninja or the cutter powers, both of which can be acquired from around the boss (ninja before, cutter after), as well as either stone or hammer. Cut the rope, bash the stake into the ground, and go through the door. The King's Cape is found at the top of the next room.

Treasure #49: Xmas Tree

Kirby Super Star Xmas Tree LocationKirby Super Star Xmas Tree/>

In the next room, take the middle cannon. Break all the blocks except the bottom one, being careful not to let the chest fall.

Treasure #50: Kong's Barrel

Kirby Super Star Kong's Barrel CannonKirby Super Star Kong's Barrel LocationKirby Super Star Kong's Barrel

After acquiring the Xmas Tree, take the far left cannon to ascend to the next area. Take the first door on the left and press the right switch to reveal the treasure.

Treasure #51: Ramia's Scale

Kirby Super Star Ramia's Scale LocationKirby Super Star Ramia's Scale

Return to the hub room of this area and go up and to the right from the room with the Xmas Tree. Enter the door, and ascend up using the moving platforms to reach the treasure.

Treasure #52: Shiny Bamboo

Kirby Super Star Shiny Bamboo DoorKirby Super Star Shiny Bamboo LocationKirby Super Star Shiny Bamboo

After the Ramia's Scale, return to the hub room and head down and to the left, where you will see a door that goes up into the clouds. Follow the stars and enter the door. The treasure is on the right.

Treasure #53: Tire

Kirby Super Star Tire DoorKirby Super Star Shiny Tire LocationKirby Super Star Tire

Ascend up the cloudy hub room until you find a plasma statue. Behind it is a door that you can enter after going through the starry path. Then, take the wheel and go fast after pressing the switch, jumping over gaps and otherwise dodging obstacles. If you did it right, the treasure is through the closing door.

Treasure #54: Spirit Charm

Kirby Super Star Spirit Charm LocationKirby Super Star Spirit Charm/>

Next to the sleep statue in the cloudy hub room is a starry path that leads down and to the right. Enter the room and make sure to get to the treasure before it is sealed off by falling blocks. The chest is directly beneath the door.

Treasure #55: Pegasus Wing

Kirby Super Star Pegasus Wing LocationKirby Super Star Pegasus Wing/>

Take the star to exit this area and enter a new hub area. Take the door on the far right, and use the cannons to navigate your way to the bottom right of this room where the treasure lies.

Treasure #56: Raccoon Doll

Kirby Super Star Raccoon Doll LocationKirby Super Star Raccoon Doll/>

Fromk the Pegasus Wing chest, keep blasting until you reach the bottom of this area and go through the door. Defeat the Bugzzy in the next room to acquire the Raccoon Doll.

Treasure #57: Shell Whistle

Kirby Super Star Shell Whistle LocationKirby Super Star Shell Whistle/>

The Shell Whistle is found after fighting the Bugzzy in this area. In the next room, go through the gauntlet of enemies and blow up the bomb block that is blocking the treasure. Enter the water and dodge the Gordo to retrieve it.

Treasure #58: Orihalcon

Kirby Super Star Water Door OrihalconKirby Super Star Orihalcon LocationKirby Super Star Orihalcon

At the far end of the water room you'll notice a doorway with a switch on its opposite side. Inhale the crash power and use it to open the door. Claim the treasure and proceed onward.

Treasure #59: Platinum Ring

Kirby Super Star Platinum Ring LocationKirby Super Star Platinum Ring

After taking the next star to head back, enter the center door beneath the save point. Then, inhale the cutter ability and make your way back left. Slice the left rope and go through the path to find the Platinum Ring.

Treasure #60: Triforce

Kirby Super Star Triforce LocationKirby Super Star Triforce

At the bottom of the next room, specifically the springboard room, there is a platform you can drop down. Do so and break the blocks on either side. The final treasure is waiting below.

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