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Super Mario Sunshine Bosses

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How to Defeat Super Mario Sunsine Bosses

Below is a Super Mario Sunshine Boss guide that will give you the necessary information to find the weakness of and defeat all of the bosses in Super Mario Sunshine.

How to Defeat Polluted Piranha Plant

Super Mario Sunshine Polluted Piranha Plant Super Mario Sunshine Polluted Piranha Plant

You will fight this boss five times early in the game in order to unlock stages and progress the story. They come in several varieties, ranging in difficulty. However, the strategy is always the same. Watch out for enemies that spawn from the surrounding goop, and spray the plant every time it opens its mouth. The amount of health they have varies. Most of them take three damage, but the final Polluted Piranha Plant takes six, in two phases of three each.

How to Defeat Petey Piranha

Super Mario Sunshine Petey Piranha

Petey Piranha is found in episodes two and five of Bianco Hills. In episode two, the fight is fairly simple. Wait for him to start inhaling, and then spray water into his mouth. When he is full, he will fall down and you can ground pound his belly button to do damage. He takes three damage before being defeated.

Super Mario Sunshine Petey Piranha

In episode five of Bianco Hills, the fight is slightly different. Ascend to his sleeping spot and shoot him with one of the pigs that hop around this area during this particular chapter. These pigs are important during the fight itself as well, as he will fly after every damage taken. Shoot him down with these pigs to resume the fight, and then go through the steps taken during the first fight three times to end Petey once and for all.

How to Defeat Gooper Blooper

Super Mario Sunshine Gooper Blooper

Gooper Blooper appears in episodes one and five of Ricco Harbor and episode two of Noki Bay. First, spray him in the face. Once you do this, he will slam his tentacles down on your position. Jump out of the way, and use the B button to grab one of the four tentacles. It is only necessary to grab the two inner tentacles to prevent him from resisting you pulling his nose. Walk up to his nose and press B to grab it. If you've gotten rid of both inner tentacles, you should be able to pull without resistance. Once he becomes pink, let go to do damage. Gooper Blooper can take two damage before being defeated.

How to Defeat Wiggler

Super Mario Sunshine Wiggler

Wiggler is the boss of episode three of Gelato Beach. During his rampage, Wiggler will run over plants all around the beach. Wait by one and watch him, and when he gets close, spray it to topple Wiggler. There will be an arrow above the segment you are supposed to ground pound. He is defeated after three ground pounds.

How to Defeat Mecha Bowser

Super Mario Sunshine Mecha Bowser

Mecha Bowser is a story boss that appears in episode one of Pinna Park. During this fight, you will be placed in a rollercoaster that goes around Mecha Bowser. On this path are several missiles that each do one damage upon hitting Mecha Bowser. Make sure to put out the fire in front of his mouth, as well as destroy the Bullet Bills that approach from behind. Mecha Bowser can take four rockets before being defeated.

How to defeat Phantamanta

Super Mario Sunshine Phantamanta

Phantamanta appears in episode one of Sirena Beach. Talk to the hotel owner to initiate the fight. As you spray him, he will split into many smaller versions of himself. One can spin jump and then spray to deal with many small mantas, or lightly tap R+A to deal cone damage.

Pay special attention to the goop in this level, as touching even a tiny amount of it will electrocute you. After the manta has been sufficiently split up, every part of him will turn pink and will rush you. Phantamanta is defeated after the last of his clones is destroyed.

How to Defeat King Boo

Super Mario Sunshine King Boo

King Boo is the boss of episode five of Sirena Beach. Avoid his attacks and ground pound the rings until he brings out his slot machine. When you spray him, he will activate the slot machine. You are looking for the fruit option. If he lands on this option, first throw a pepper at him. Then, throw any other fruit to deal damage. King Boo takes three damage before being defeated.

How to Defeat Bowser

Super Mario Sunshine Bowser

Bowser resides in a hot tub surrounded on five sides by platforms. Go to each platform and use your rocket nozzle to ascend. At the peak of your jump, ground pound to deal damage. After all five platforms have been ground pounded, Bowser will be defeated.

Thank you for using our guide to beat all the Super Mario Sunshine Bosses!

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