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Super Smash Bros Melee Hidden Characters

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Below is a Super Smash Bros. Melee Hidden Characters guide. It'll guide you through the steps to getting all Unlockable Characters in Melee.

How to Unlock Hidden Characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee


Clear Adventure/Classic mode or play 50 VS. matches.


Finish with a 2 in the second timer (Example: :22, :12, :25) on the first level in Adventure mode, Mushroom Kingdom or play 800 VS. matches.

Young Link

Clear Adventure/Classic mode with two characters (including Link and Zelda) or play 500 VS. matches.

Dr. Mario

Clear Adventure/Classic mode with Mario without the use of continues or play 100 VS. matches.


Clear Event Match #29 or play 600 VS. matches.


Clear Event Match #37 or clear Classic mode with Mewtwo or play 200 VS. matches.


Clear Adventure/Classic/VS. mode with the 14 original characters or play 400 VS. matches.


Clear Classic mode with Marth without the use of continues or play 900 VS. matches.


Clear 100-man melee or play 300 VS. matches.


Play VS. mode for a total of 20 hours or play 700 VS. matches.

Mr. Game and Watch

Clear Adventure/Classic/Target Test mode with all other characters or play 1,000 VS. matches.

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