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Animal Crossing New Horizons Getting Nook's Cranny - ACNH Nook's Cranny Guide

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook's Cranny

Making a return from many previous Animal Crossing entries is the beloved shop Nook's Cranny. However, in Animal Crossing New Horizons, the shop won't be on your island from the start of the game. Rather, you'll need to contribute to the process of getting it built before it's open for business.

Unlocking Nook's Cranny

ACNH First Loan

Before you can get started with getting Nook's Cranny on your island, you first need to pay off the loan for your first house with 5,000 Nook Miles. You can check out our House Upgrades guide for more information on how to do that.

Animal Crossing Nooks Cranny Construction

After paying off your loan, head to the Resident Services tent and speak to Tommy. He'll ask for your help to build a general store on the island. To do this, you'll need to collect some materials to build the shop. They are: 30 wood, 30 softwood, 30 hardwood, and 30 iron nuggets.

All three types of wood can be gathered by hitting trees around your island with a stone axe. You should be able to gather enough of each with a single pass around your island. Each tree will yield three pieces of wood per day.

Iron Nuggets can be gathered by hitting the rocks on your island with an axe or a shovel. To maximize the yield, use a shovel to dig holes around you to prevent recoil from knocking you backward. Each rock can yield up to 8 pieces of iron (they will average 3-4). You'll only have four rocks on your island (plus your money rock), so you cannot gather all 30 in one day with your island alone. You can either gather the materials over the course of a few days or take a trip to some Mystery Islands via Nook Mile Tickets. Each island should also have a few rocks that can yield iron.

ACNH Nooks Cranny SpotAnimal Crossing Early Game Celebration

After gathering the materials, bring them back to Tommy in the Resident Services tent. He'll give you a construction kit that will allow you to choose the location of the store. After a day of construction, Nook's Cranny will be built on your island. Inside, you'll find a selection of furniture, tools, plants, wallpaper, flooring, and other wares. The selection will rotate out daily. You can, of course, also sell your items at the store for bells.

Upgrading Nook's Cranny

Animal Crossing New Horizons Nooks Cranny UpgradeACNH Nooks Cranny Renovation

Like previous Animal Crossing games, Nook's Cranny can be upgraded to a larger store. This time around, there's only one upgrade rather than a whole series of them. It's unknown exactly what triggers the store to be upgraded, but it will happen around 30 days of active playtime for most users. So, if you are actively progressing on your island, you can expect an upgrade around that time.

The upgraded store will have a wider selection of tools, furniture, and other wares, including some higher-end items. There will be a rotation of special seasonal items during certain times of the year. It will also have a larger interior and renovated exterior. Sadly, it will still be called Nook's Cranny.

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