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Animal Crossing New Horizons Plaza Guide

The Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 Update brought with it a number of requested changes, including the addition of a dedicated area for frequent travelers to the default island. This Animal Crossing Plaza Guide will show you how to acquire the plaza on Harv's Island and bring in as many of the new shopkeepers as possible.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Unlocking the Plaza Animal Crossing New Horizons Harvs Plaza

Animal Crossing New Horizons Harv's Island

Harv is an NPC found walking around the island during the early stages of the game. Speak to him and he will invite you to his island. Before getting the plaza, you must go to Harv's Island via the airport and go through his introductory quest. Once Harv has given you free reign over the photo studio, go back to your island and wait a day.

Animal Crossing Getting The Plaza

After a while, Harv will open up the area behind his studio through a cut scene that you take part in. After this introduction, the Lloids surrounding Harv will begin taking donations for new shops. Each new shop is 100,000 bells, but the convenience is well worth it.

After buying a shop, it will take a day to bring the NPC in. Then, the shop will be formally open after a brief introduction from Harv.

ACNH Getting Harriet

Animal Crossing New Horizons Harriet

Harriet does not require any funds to get started and will sit in a dedicated area in the center of the plaza after the plaza is established for a day. She offers unique hairstyles that are unlocked exclusively through her.

ACNH Getting Katrina

Animal Crossing New Horizons Katrina Plot

Katrina makes her return from previous titles as an NPC in the plaza. She will offer you fortunes that give you advice as well as a look into your luck for that day.

ACNH Getting Saharah

Animal Crossing New Horizons Unlocking Saharah

Saharah offers her usual rug services, but now available at a standard location every day. This makes it much easier to gain tickets and acquire rare items.

ACNH Getting Tortimer

Animal Crossing New Horizons Tortimer

Tortimer acts as a means of sending items back to your storage at home. Acquiring him is a matter of convenience.

ACNH Getting Reese and Cyrus

Animal Crossing New Horizons Reese and Cyrus Plot

Reese and Cyrus offer a variety of rare furniture items, as well as new customization options for many items that aren't available at Nook's Cranny.

ACNH Getting Leif

Animal Crossing New Horizons Leif Store

Leif sells the same bushes and hedges as before as well as unique flowers. In addition, newly added crop starts allow you to grow food for the New ACNH Cooking System.

ACNH Getting Redd

Animal Crossing New Horizons Redd Art Plaza Shop

Redd sells art that may or may not be legitimate. He sells a unique batch every day, with the possibility that neither or both are fake or real. This is the best way to fill out the art section of the Museum.

ACNH Getting Kicks

Animal Crossing New Horizons Kicks Plot Plaza

Kicks sells his usual stock: shoes and bags that have the possibility of being unique to him and unavailable at the Able Sisters. This is an excellent way to fill out the catalog in those categories.

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