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Banjo & Kazooie Available Now in Smash Ultimate - Terry Bogard Coming Next

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Banjo & Kazooie Smash Ultimate

Fans have been wanting Banjo & Kazooie in Smash Bros. since before the release of Super Smash Bros. Melee in 2001. Eighteen years later, we finally got confirmation that it was happening in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We were promised a fall release date, but Sakurai has blessed us once again: Banjo & Kazooie are available right now (following the Nintendo Direct)!

The beloved DLC fighter duo comes alongside the Version 5.0 update of the game that also includes some balance updates, a new Home Run Contest mode, a few new Mii costumes, and of course Banjo & Kazooie's classic stage: Spiral Mountain. The update should install automatically if your Switch is connected to the internet.

The following are the new Mii costumes, with Undertale's Sans being of particular interest:

  • Goemon from Mystical Ninja Goemon
  • Proto Man from Mega Man
  • Zero from Mega Man X
  • Team Rocket from Pokemon
  • Sans from Undertale, including a new remix of MEGALOVANIA by Toby Fox

Terry Bogard Smash Ultimate

But that's not all! The next DLC Fighter (Fighter Pack 4) has also been revealed. Rather surprisingly, it's Terry Bogard from the classic SNK fighter Fatal Fury. Sakurai has long been a fan of SNK fighting games, so this inclusion seems to have a special place in his heart. Terry will be joining the rest of the (huge) Smash Ultimate roster this November.

Now that 4 of the 5 DLC fighters from the DLC pack have been revealed, it would seem that there is only fighter left to join the Ultimate roster. But not really, because Sakurai lovingly suggested that he wasn't done developing new fighters, and that there were more on the way in 2020. It seems your favorite gaming character could see the light of day in Smash Bros. yet. It should be noted that fighters after the first DLC pack will likely come at an additional charge.

Sakurai followed the Nintendo Direct by showcasing Banjo & Kazooie's moveset and their new Spiral Mountain stage. You can check out that entire presentation below, and then download the 5.0 patch to try it out for yourself.

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