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Chapter 4: Final Boss - Bulb Boy Walkthrough

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Part 4: Final Boss

Spider Boy

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In this area, you'll once again only have control over Bulb Boy's head. Wait for the spider to get close to you, and then drop down on top of it. You'll be able to take control over its body. Try turning the faucet, which will fall off. Now you can pick it up. Scale up the wall and bait the mosnter to shoot something in your direction, but hide behind the bathtub. This will cause a web to break open, which will reveal a watering can. Go ahead and pick that up too.

Now, head to the left side of the screen and have the monster shoot the barrel down twice. Once it's on the ground, go ahead and stick the faucet in it. Put the water can down and fill it up with acid. Now, we can pour the acid in the pot that is connected to the large monster. This will free our dog and clear the area.

Bulb Boy's House

Bulb Boy Walkthrough Bulb Boy Screenshot

You'll find yourself back inside the house, this time in a crawlspace. You can control Bulb Boy's head with the left control stick, and the dog with the right stick. Go ahead and flick the switch using the dog and then open the medicine cabinet and grab the tape. You'll throw it to the left. With Bulb Boy, tie a knot in the wire to connect it. Now, roll Bulb Boy to the left to illuminate more of the room and bring the dog along as well.

Bulb Boy can now use his toungue to grab the tape from this area. Head left a bit and use the tape to cover up the tubing. Now, use the dog and lure the flies to the right into the sticky goo above Bulb Boy. Use the dog to lure the large monster to the flies, where he will be distracted. You can now head to the left with Bulb Boy and pick up the plug. Put it in the vacuum and head back left so that Bulb Boy can be sucked into the upper floor and be reunited with his body. Approach the monster to defeat it.

Final Boss

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Your grandfather will turn into an evil monster. Press the nail in his side and then enter through the monster's mouth. Inside is a bit of a maze. Head to the left, avoiding the teeth. Then drop down and head to the right. Grab a sausage from the organ to the left and then quickly use your spew of vomit to cross the acid pit to the right. Make your way to the tablet and make it drop down into the pit. It will cure his stomach of acid and let you leave the monster.

Avoid the fire spewing from above the monster's head three times. You'll then be able to press the nail and enter the monster again. Head left through the teeth once again, but be careful of the different pattern. Head down and to the right util you get to the feces dripping organ. Stand under it and let yourself be covered in feces. You can use this as a disguise to get past the bugs to the left. Connect the organs here to exit the monster again.

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This time, the grandfather-monster will try to suck you into its mouth. Fly to the opposite side and top of the screen to avoid it. After three times, you can once again press the nail and enter the body. Avoid the teeth again, which have an even more complicated pattern. Head left and up with the air, avoiding the spikes here. Fall into the stomach on the far left. Deflate the balloon like thing here to wake the grandfather-monster up once more.

This time, there will be a combination of flames and inhalation to avoid. After three rounds of fire, you can enter the body after pressing the nail one last time. Head left through a different teeth pattern once more, and then drop down and head right through the door to the heart. The final boss will be a fight with the heart.

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This will likely be the most odd final boss you'll ever fight. The goal of this boss is to touch the eyeball with your tongue a lot of times. The only thing you need to do is mash A while the monster's mouth is closed. If you get a single piece of black goo in your mouth, you'll die and need to start from the beginning of the fight. His rate of fire will speed up over time, and his timing is random. Be patient, and keep mashing A.


Bulb Boy Walkthrough Bulb Boy Screenshot

After the heart has been defeated, you'll be back in your home with your grandfather and the dog. You'll need to mash A one more time to save your grandfather from choking on a bone. You can then check out the credits on the TV if you'd like. Congratulations on completing Bulb Boy!

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