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Chapter 1: First Floor - Bulb Boy Walkthrough

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Part 1: First Floor

First Floor

Bulb Boy Walkthrough Bulb Boy Screenshot

You'll begin the game inside of the protagonist Bulb Boy's house. You can interact with various things throughout the house by pressing A when there is a downwards arrow above the object. Start by checking out the TV. You can press the buttons along the side to change the channels and see a number of eery scenes. Our goal is to turn the TV off before leaving the room. If you try to push the power button in the bottom right of the TV set, it will break immediately. So, our only option left is to pull the plug. Go ahead and pull the plug to the left of the TV.

Now, we'll need to pull the dentures out of Bulb Boy's grandpa on the couch. Mash the A button and they'll eventually pop out. Head over to the fish bowl and you'll be able to plop them right in. This will allow us to exit the room. When you leave this room, your pet dog will accompany you.

Bulb Boy Walkthrough Bulb Boy Screenshot

In the next room, open the top shelf of the dresser. There is a bug in the top left corner that we need to lead to the candy. To do this, we'll need to clear a path by closing and opening the matchbox, scissors, and tape measure. After the bug starts eating the candy, we can pick it up and take it with us. We can also pick up the brush in the bottom right of this room.

Now that we have the brush, check out the bed. Use the brush to pull the second bug closer to you so that we can pick it up. You'll notice another flying at the top of the room. When it flies near the dangling light, go ahead and touch the two wires at the bottom of the room to turn the light on. The bug will be attracted to the light, become electrocuted, and then fall to the ground. We can now pick up the third bug.

In order to exit the room, we need to feed all three bugs to the spider that guards the door. Toss all the bugs in its direction and it will gobble them up. The spider will then explode, allowing us through the door.

Bulb Boy Walkthrough Bulb Boy Screenshot

In this room, there are a number of arms that will crush Bulb Boy's head if he gets too close to them. At the beginning of the hall, we can toss our head up to the top of the room and move along the chandeliers. Pass over the looming arm and drop down next to a window. Investigate it to get a shard of broken glass. Continue past the next obstacle via the chandeliers and then drop down. Grab the key behind the picture of a key and head back to the entrance of the room.

You'll find a locked box in a corner. Use the key to open it and grab the teapot from it. Head back to the left side of the room until you get to the door. Get near the door and lure out the evil hand. Then put the glass shard on the stick in the hand of the headless suit of armor and then possess the armor. You'll be able tow slash off the hand with your homemade scythe. Head through the door afterwards.

Bulb Boy Walkthrough Bulb Boy Screenshot

You'll find yourself back in the room with your grandfather, who is lying on the ground. Head over to the dresser and pick up the fish bowl containing his dentures. Slowly walk back over to your gramps and throw the bowl of water on him. He'll wake up, but he seems to be possessed by some evil force. A chunk of the ceiling will then fall. Throw your head up to the chandelier. This will cause it to fall to the ground. Use the power cord that now dangles to climb up into the hole in the ceiling.

Dream World #1

Bulb Boy Walkthrough Bulb Boy Screenshot

You'll find yourself in some sort of dream world. Pick up the picnic basket and the egg on the left side of the screen. At the bottom of the screen is a bush with a stick that you can pull out. Grab the stick and the tennis ball on this side of the screen. Now, push the stick through the hole in the tree to agitate a bee that will scare the bird to the end of the branch. You can now deposit the egg in the tree so it lands in the bird's nest.

Now, try tossing the tennis ball to the dog. Unfortunately, you'll overshoot and land in the well. Head over to the well and attach the picnic basket. Use it to fish the ball out of the well. Try throwing the ball a second time, this will take you out of this dream world after a cutscene.

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