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Chapter 1: Second Floor - Bulb Boy Walkthrough

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Part 2: Second Floor

Second Floor

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You'll find yourself on the second floor of the house. Hop onto the table and grab the knife. You can also read the book if you like to figure out the recipe. Head right to the refrigerator and grab a couple eggs out. Use the knife to cut what appear to be sausages. A monster will appear and you can reach into it's mouth for some bugs.

When you head to the right, a large monster will start to come after you. Run away until you get to the platter. Possess the hog's head until the monster passes over. Then you can head back right and pick up the box of matches from a cupboard. Pick up the bag from the counter as well. Head over to the oven and press the button on the right, then light the fumes with your matches. Put the contents of the bag, the bugs, and the eggs in the pan and then press the button on the left.

This will create a meal that resembles a face. When the large monster comes back to the oven, it will become a turkey. You can now eat the entire turkey. Unfortunately, this will cause a sudden bowel movement. Make your way to the bathroom on the left as soon as you can!

Bulb Boy Walkthrough Bulb Boy Screenshot

Once you're in the bathroom, go ahead and sit on the toilet to relieve yourself. Once you've finished, a monster will emerge from the toilet. Whenever the monster screams, you'll need to mash the A button and plug your ears. Go ahead and pick up a pipe that is laying on the ground. Press the soap dispenser to release a nice aroma that will bother the monster. You can now attempt to flush the toilet.

With the pipe in hand, head over to the sink. You can complete the piping on the left side of the sink. Turn the valve above the sink and on the right, and then turn the knob next to the sink. This will spray the monster with some water. Now, press the button to the right of the sink, which will activate a fan on the left side of the room. This will pull the now headless monster into the fan and it will be defeated once in for all. Unfortunately, a hand will now grab you and pull you into the toilet.

Dream World #2

Bulb Boy Walkthrough Bulb Boy Screenshot

Now, you'll find yourself in another dream-like world with your grandfather and dog in a boat. You'll be controlling the dog, so fly down to the water and take a drink. You can then fly over to the tree and take a pee on it. This will cause some flying vegetables to grow from the tree. You can then usher those vegetables over to the monster on the right side of the screen. You'll want to repeat this process until the monster becomes too fat. Once it can't eat any more, go ahead and scare it and it will launch itself away with a fart.

Now that the mosnter can't stop you, go ahead and make your way down the tunnels. You'll find a worm here that you'll need to scare back towards the boat. Scare it all the way onto the hook and Bulb Boy will catch a fish. Then, out of nowhere, a monster will fall through the sky and put a hole in the boat. You'll then fade out of this dream world.

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