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We’re in an age were platformers are back in style. Mascots of old have made comebacks with the likes of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro coming back in full swing, and let’s not forget Mario with 2017’s amazing Super Mario Odyssey, but what of the newcomers? Playful Corp. have thrown their hat into the ring with Super Lucky’s Tale, originally releasing November 2017 on the Xbox One and now making its very welcome debut on the Switch where it feels right at home. Now dubbed New Super Lucky’s Tale, it’s an all-in-one package with no DLC in sight, you get everything all at once.

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Switch [Reviewed]
Developer: Playful Studios
Release: November 8, 2019
MSRP: $39.99
Press Copy provided by Playful Studios

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Right out of the gate, the charm this game has is made very evident. The bright, colourful worlds evoke an exceptionally friendly atmosphere that’s wholesome and thoroughly encouraging, you feel as though the adventure is yours to share with the titular fox Lucky as he travels through each world collecting Clovers for the Book of Ages to protect it from the evil cat Jinx. Along the way you confront Jinx’s motley crew of children, the Kitty Litter, who try to take the book back from Lucky for their own evil machinations. Each world is bubbly and detailed in their own unique ways, with themes ranging from an active farm full of hillbilly worms to a dry desert with peace-keeping yetis.

As you would expect from a 3D platformer, the controls are tight and very responsive, it is very uncommon to find yourself wrestling with them. Lucky’s abilities are very basic, with a tail swipe to attack and a burrow ability to grab coins underground as well as for surprise strikes against enemies when emerging above ground. When on ground that can’t be submerged, Lucky does a slide instead, and in the air he does a dive which has some degree of control. His skills all end here though, but they’re at least used creatively and differing context depending on surface or if airborne at least adds to his repertoire.

New Super Lucky's Tale Screenshot Switch

Each level is very creatively crafted, showcasing just how far a simple platformer can really go with its level designs. Levels come in several varieties, starting with the usual sprawling style familiar to fans of the 3D Mario platformers, as well as side scrolling stages, which can sometimes be autorunners. Mixed in between them are various smaller challenges, sometimes with timers or sliding puzzles but always consisting of cleverly hidden segments that require solid observation skills to locate. Each level is a joy to play, but it should be known that the difficulty never really gets too high. While creative, the game doesn’t really excel too much at anything in particular and feels somewhat safe at times.

Technically speaking, it’s amazing to see how little being on lesser hardware has affected the game, as the Switch is no doubt pulling well below the weight of even a standard Xbox One, let alone the Xbox One X. Visual differences are negligible, the art style carries the game so well that you’d really have to have side by side comparisons to even notice any difference. It performs solidly too, with no discernable drops in frame rate, though it should be noted that it never goes above 30 frames per second, while the Xbox One X can push the game up to 60. It should also be noted that the load times are rather hefty, with a particularly long one as the game is starting up.

New Super Lucky's Tale Screenshot Switch

New Super Lucky’s Tale is definitely a fun and joyous experience, but it might not tide over platforming fans looking for a challenge. The game is absolutely suitable for younger children and I reckon that was the intent. With each and every level, Lucky encourages the player with a heartwarming “C’mon!”, which I suspect was to give children the boost they need to keep on playing.

If you’re a parent wanting to give your child an introductory game to 3D space, there’s no doubt that New Super Lucky’s Tale will sit extremely well with them, and even saying that, the level of charm put into every detail will certainly win even some adults over despite the lower difficulty. It’s spirit pulls through above all else.


  • Very cute, friendly atmosphere, suitable for younger players
  • Tight and responsive controls
  • Negligible downgrade over other versions
  • Well designed


  • Fairly safe platformer, doesn’t set itself apart terribly well




Great games are generally good buying decisions and are recommended for those with an interest in the genre. There might be a few flaws that detract from the gameplay, stories, controls, presentations, or value, but the game is still an enjoyable experience that justifies a full playthrough.

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