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In Kirby Super Star for the SNES, Kirby is tasked with saving Dreamland in a variety of different game modes. Every game mode has a group of bosses that the player must defeat in order to finish the mode. Below is a Kirby Super Star Bosses Guide that will guide you through defeating all bosses in Kirby Super Star.

Spring Breeze Bosses in Kirby Super Star

How to Beat Whispy Woods and Twin Woods

Kirby Super Star Whispy WoodsKirby Super Star Whispy Woods Defeat

Whispy Woods is the boss players are most likely to encounter first in Kirby Super Star. Whispy will blow air at the player while dropping apples around and on top of them. These attacks are easy to dodge, but if you enter this battle without a power it can significantly increase the length of the fight. Do damage to Whispy Woods by either using a copy power or inhaling apples and shooting them back at him.

Kirby Super Star Twin WoodsKirby Super Star Twin Whispy Woods

Twin Woods is a variant of Whispy found in the Revenge of Meta Knight in Kirby Super Star. They take the form of two trees facing each other, and use much the same attacks as Whispy, but with slight variations. Different objects may fall on the player that they cannot inhale, and entering this fight without a power makes it much more difficult because of this. Twin Woods is defeated once both trees reach 0 HP.

How to Beat Lololo & Lalala

Kirby Super Star Lololo and Lalala Boss FightKirby Super Star Lololo and Lalala Boss Blocks

It is recommended to enter this boss fight with a power that can go through walls, such as Beam or Yo-Yo. This allows you to attack both of the block-pushing twins without worrying about being damaged. However, if you lack a power like this, it is also simple to inhale their blocks and spit them out at them immediately.

Kirby Super Star Block Pushing Boss FightKirby Super Star Lololo and Lalala Boss Arena

Sometimes one or both of these bosses will push damaging gordos rather than blocks, making it important to stand back from their initial spawn location lest you be instantly damaged.

How to Beat Kracko

Kirby Super Star Kracko Boss

Kracko is the cloud boss of Bubbly Clouds, as well as the boss of Skyhigh in Milky Way Wishes. Kracko remains at the top of the screen for most of the fight, only coming down to attack the player. His attacks include a sweeping lightning attack, summoning a Waddle Doo, and shooting projectiles that aim at Kirby.

Kirby Super Star Kracko Boss Fight

If you don't have a helper or power, the Woodle Doos Kracko summons can be inhaled to take the Beam power. This allows you to hit him even while he hovers at the top of the screen. Beam's charge-up time does make it important to plan your attacks accordingly, lest you be stuck in an animation that prevents you from jumping. If you want to take on Kracko without beam, the Waddle Doos can be inhaled and spat out at Kracko dealing significant damage.

How to Beat King Dedede

Kirby Super Star King Dedede Boss Kirby Super Star King Dedede Boss Fight

King Dedede is the primary antagonist of Spring Breeze, and here he fights Kirby in a classic arena-style brawl. Any power will do here since Dedede has very little health and can usually be attacked effectively from anywhere on the stage. Most of the time, he does simple lunging attacks at Kirby, although he does have rarer attack patterns that are also as easily dodgeable.

Kirby Super Star King Dedede Boss ArenaKirby Super Star King Dedede

For damage purposes, bomb is recommended as a power with a partner summoned beforehand using the umbrella power. This gives you a mix of ranged and melee attacks.

Dyna Blade Bosses in Kirby Super Star

How to Beat Dyna Blade

Kirby Super Star Dynablade BossKirby Super Star Dyna Blade Boss Fight

Dyna Blade is a large metallic bird and the primary antagonist of the Dyna Blade sub-game. She has many attacks that revolve around either projectiles or swooping through the center of the screen. For this reason, remaining on the edge opposite her is usually ideal. Otherwise, she can shoot projectiles and create inhalable stars when she lands. Using the stars as consistent projectile attacks is best when without a specific power.

Of the powers available before this fight, beam and sword are easily the best for high damage output and the speed of their attacks.

Great Cave Offensive Bosses in Kirby Super Star

How to Beat Fatty Whale

Kirby Super Star Fatty Whale BossKirby Super Star Fatty Whale Great Cave Offensive

Fatty Whale is the first boss of the Great Cave Offensive Mode, and his fight takes place on a long pier which he attacks from the background. His attacks involve bouncing up and down, spawning a number of falling rocks while cruising across the screen, and spinning while bouncing. This fight can be difficult using the default provided powerups, those being sword, mirror, and jet. Of these, sword is easily the best based purely on mobility and the speed of its attacks.

Kirby Super Star Cave Offensive First BossKirby Super Star Fatty Whale Attacks

If you want an ideal powerup for this fight, umbrella can block the falling rocks while idle, making that phase very easy to deal with. Take survival as a priority and he is easy to defeat, especially with an AI or friend to assist.

How to Beat Computer Virus

Kirby Super Star Computer Virus Boss FightKirby Super Star Computer RPG Boss Fight

The Computer Virus is the second boss in the Great Cave Offensive. This fight proceeds in an unusual manner, with Kirby and his ally taking the stage as heroes in an RPG. The boss will summon different monsters which each have different abilities, many of which are impossible to avoid. Therefore, the best way to defeat this boss is to maximize DPS during the openings you do have. Most of the time, you have a set time to attack between their moves.

Kirby Super Star Computer Virus Slime BossKirby Super Star Great Cave Offensive RPG Boss

Take whichever abilities you are confident you can deal consistently high DPS with, and that goes the same for the AI or friend you take along with you. Of the powers available to you before the fight, jet is easily the most effective because of its ability to charge up before the enemy is vulnerable.

How to Beat Chameleo Arm

Kirby Super Star Chameleo Arm Boss

Chameleo Arm is the third boss of the Great Cave Offensive. Chameleo Arm is easy to defeat quickly using the projectiles he throws at you since inhaling them will provide the paint powerup that does a flat amount of damage. Of the three powerups provided, plasma is the best because of its ability to charge before unleashing a large attack. Since Chameleo Arm is difficult to hit while invisible, defeat him quickly to avoid a drawn-out fight. A full plasma blast plus a paint powerup attack should be enough to defeat him seconds after the beginning of the fight.

How to Beat Wham Bam Rock

Kirby Super Star Wham Bam RockKirby Super Star Great Cave Offensive Final Boss

Wham Bam Rock is the fourth and final boss in the Great Cave Offensive mode in Kirby Super Star. Of the three powerups available beforehand, bomb and umbrella are ideal because of the damage of the former and upwards protection of the latter. This fight is a simple slugfest between you and the hands of the boss. He will attempt to drop rocks from his hand, slam down, punch you, as well as other grabbing attacks that all deal a lot of damage.

Kirby Super Star Wham Bam Rock Slam AttackKirby Super Star Wham Bam Rock Boss Fight

As with all boss fights, utilize the AI/secondary player character to soak up hits with the Kirby player staying safe. Either way, defeating Wham Bam Rock will open up a warp star and shortcut at the end of the Great Cave Offensive, allowing progression to other sub-games.

Revenge of Meta Knight Bosses in Kirby Super Star

How to Beat Heavy Lobster

Kirby Super Star Heavy LobsterKirby Super Star Heavy Lobster Boss Fight

Heavy Lobster is a multi-part boss fight encompassing a chase around the Halberd airship. In the first portions of the fight, you need only run from it to progress. After several takes of this, you will be dropped into the actual boss fight.

Kirby Super Star Meta Knight Lobster BossKirby Super Star Heavy Lobster Mech Fight

Heavy Lobster's main attack is a dash across the stage, but it can also jump and swipe with its claws. This fight is simple using powerups that can dash through Heavy Lobster, providing a lot of breathing room to attack. Without a power, his jumping provides stars that you can inhale to deal damage.

How to Beat Combo Cannon

Kirby Super Star Combo Cannon BossKirby Super Star Combo Cannon Fight

Combo Cannon is the first full boss fight of the Revenge of Meta Knight mode, but the second boss to appear in the mode. Damage to the Combo Cannon can only be dealt to the center portion between the two guns, or to the core. Using a melee attack makes this fight trivial, and hammer makes this fight exceptionally fast as well using the charge mechanics and high DPS of the copy ability.

Kirby Super Star Combo Cannon Meta Knight BossKirby Super Star Revenge of Meta Knight Cannon Fight

The Combo Cannon has several abilities that are best dodged by floating to the corner of the screen. Otherwise, bombs that are dropped by floating hands can be used as projectiles against the central core.

How to Beat Reactor

Kirby Super Star Reactor Boss FightKirby Super Star Meta Knight Reactor

Of all of the boss fights found in Revenge of Meta Knight, the Reactor is the most gimmicky and can be the most frustrating. Following the hint given out before the fight, the key to this fight is to stand on the front cannon and allow the lasers to hit the central reactor, thus doing damage.

Kirby Super Star Reactor LaserKirby Super Star Reactor Boss Damage

The Reactor has several attacks meant to target you on the gun, and others such as a powerful laser that attack in front. Jumping between these two positions is ideal for dodging all attacks.

How to Beat Meta Knight

Kirby Super Star Meta Knight Boss FightKirby Super Star Meta Knight BossKirby Super Star Meta Knight Fight

Meta Knight fights Kirby in two parts, first as a classic sword fight, and second as an escape sequence. The sword fight requires you to keep your range, using the third slash of the sword to deal ranged damage and avoid his powerful attacks. Otherwise, avoid his tornado attacks that bounce around the screen by sitting in the corner.

The escape sequence is straightforward and requires you to take the wheel power up and avoid obstacles while being attacked by Meta Knight. There are a plethora of pits and walls that require jumps, and avoiding them is a matter of memorizing their pattern.

Milky Way Wishes Bosses in Kirby Super Star

How to Beat Galactic Nova Nucleus

Kirby Super Star Galactic Nova BossKirby Super Star Nova Boss Fight

The Galactic Nova Boss Fight requires the player to fight a sidescrolling ranged battle, avoiding obstacles and shooting out cores that provide power to the Galactic Nova heading to destruction. The wheel of the Nucleus will spin around, speeding up as it goes, and then reverse. It will repeat this pattern, so don't be afraid to miss out on one or two of the generators.

Kirby Super Star Milky Way Sidescroll BossKirby Super Star Nova Nucleus Boss

As with the rest of this sequence, hitting the wall or other obstacles does damage, so avoid that at all costs.

How to Beat Marx

Kirby Super Star Marx Boss FightKirby Super Star Marx Vine Bomb Attack

Marx is the final boss of the Milky Way Wishes game mode, and debatably the final boss of the entire game. Marx will constantly attack your current location, and so moving around and moving often is essential to deal damage.

Kirby Super Star Marx Final BossKirby Super Star Final Boss Milky Way Wishes

Otherwise, Marx will often unleash 4 blades from his arms that circle around him, but importantly, not directly under him. He also drops seed-like bombs that will sprout projectiles, so pay attention to where they land. His last attack of note is a laser that shoots where you are at that time, so again, movement is key. After defeating Marx, you will witness the ending cutscene and credits.

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