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Season 1 - Nintendo Podcastle

The Nintendo Castle podcast (Nintendo Podcastle) is a formerly monthly show in which some of the members of the Nintendo Castle staff talk about gaming news, do interviews, and generally have fun. The Nintendo Podcastle is PG-13 from #3 onwards, so viewer discretion is advised.

Note: The podcast is currently suspended until further notice, but may return in the future. This page's purpose is to document the history of Nintendo Castle more than it is to provide content. 

November 2011 - Pilot

Guest: Skermefaten (Zelda Eternity)
Review: Skyward Sword - By Emhave
Roundtable topic: Skyward Sword - LegendofHyrule31, Spirittracksmaster, and Emhave Youtube

December/January 2011/2012 - Pre-Marathon Hype

Guest: MetroidMaster1914 (Metroid Headquarters)
Review: Super Mario Land 3D - By Pocodudeface
Roundtable topic: Skyward Sword - Iamthefusedshadows, Pocodudeface, and Emhave

February/March 2012 - Potatocast

Guest: Autydi and Larke12 (Link's Hideaway)
Review: Kid Icarus: Uprising - By Pocodudeface
Roundtable topic: Upcoming 3DS games - Iamthefusedshadows, Emhave, Larke12, bigflyingpotato, and Link8150

April 2012 - Pandas

Guest: Hammerbromike (Zelda Eternity
Review: Mario Kart 7 - By Iamthefusedshadows
Roundtable topic: Things we'd like to see in the next Zelda game - Iamthefusedshadows, bigflyingpotato, Larke12, Chris, PotassiumIodide, DodongoBomber (ZE)

May 2012 - My Little Pony

Guest: Darren (Shinesparkers.net)
Review: None
Roundtable Topic: E3 Predictions - Iamthefusedshadows, bigflyingpotato, Larke12, Dodongobomber, Link8150, PotassiumIodide

June/July 2012 - Metroid Marathon

Guest: None
Review: None
Roundtable Topic: E3 Predictions - Iamthefusedshadows, bigflyingpotato, Larke12, Dodongobomber

Season 2 - Link's Hideaway Podcast

January 2014 - Episode 45 - How to Podcast?


February 2014 - Episode 46 - Song of Sickness


March 2014 - Episode 47 - Race Day


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