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Nintendo Partners with DeNA to Bring Their IP to Smartphones

  Posted on 2015-03-17 17:25:29 by Rial Johnson

In a somewhat surprising news Nintendo has announced a partnership with Japanese mobile software giant DeNA to establish a new infrastructure and membership system across all platforms (3DS, Wii U, NX, PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, ect.) and bring their IP to the mobile market. The two companies are now heavily invested in each other with Nintendo being a 10% (and the 2nd largest) shareholder of DeNA. The two companies plan to work together to bring this connected membership program (which will replace Club Nintendo) and the first smartphone games to the market by the end of the year.

Nintendo have told skeptics not to worry about a complete transformation into a software company, as their main focus will still be on their own hardware and making quality software for it. They've also said that all mobile games will be completely new software, and they won't be porting games from their own hardware. In fact, they've also very vaguely announced that they're working on a new piece of hardware codenamed "NX" that will be revealed in 2016. Very little is known about what platforms the first games will be released on and which IP Nintendo will bring to the mobile market. Stay tuned for more information and hit the break for the full press release!

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More Details On Project Ukulele Revealed

  Posted on 2015-03-14 09:16:10 by Kevin M

New details on the Playtonic Games platformer, Project Ukulele, has been revealed at Rezzed. The team over at Playtonic Games has revealed new details on the game, such as gameplay, music, and first looks at the world the game will take place in. They have also announced that there could possibly be amiibo support in the future, and that there will be a Kickstarter starting later on in May 2015. Finally, the official Playtonic Twitter account answered the fans question as to why the heroes in the game weren't shown today, simply stating, "we did. Didn't you see them?". You can also chat with others about the new game in the Playtonic Games forums. Take a look at some 'screenshots' of the game, and more info on the game after the break.

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Netflix is Now Available on NES

  Posted on 2015-03-10 17:59:06 by Rial Johnson

...and we're only sort of joking. Although you won't be able to load the popular video streaming service on to your own cartridges, a team at Netflix has gotten a version of Netflix to run on the 30 year old console. The developers came up with the idea during the Netflix Hack Day event. You can check out the footage below to see the intro of "House of Cards" running in not-so-HD on the NES.

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New Splatoon Footage Shows Off Paint Roller

  Posted on 2015-03-09 18:52:40 by Rial Johnson

A short video has been put out by the developers of Splatoon showing off the paint roller item. The Paint Roller is just one of many paint-based weaons you'll be able to weild in the latest arena shooter from Nintendo. As seen in the footage below, the Paint Roller allows you to cover large areas of the arena with paint at once, or roll over/flick paint at your enemies for a kill. Splatoon is out in North America this May. You can check out the new footage after the break.

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Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy Plus Review

  Posted on 2015-03-07 14:28:03 by Rial Johnson

The latest 3DS title (optimized for New 3DS) from Bandai Namco Games is a re-release of the 2011 3DS game of the same name (itself being a remake of the PS1 Ace Combat 2), bar the "plus". The latest dog fighting adventure features several improvements over the previous installment including enhanced controls and amiibo support.

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Free March Monthly DLC out for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

  Posted on 2015-03-07 12:36:01 by Rial Johnson

The first of many free monthly DLC packs for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is available courtesy of Capcom. This pack is DLC themed and features 14 new quests, 11 new weapons, 8 armor sets, among much more. Included in this pack is also the two winning designs from the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Weapon Design contest: Clockwork Insect Glaive and Emperor’s Speech Hunting Horn. The Monster Hunter Caravan Tour also kicks off today at PAX East in Boston. You can check out the DLC trailer and full press release after the break!

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WayForward Celebrates 25 Years with Huge Discounts

  Posted on 2015-03-03 19:19:16 by Rial Johnson

In celebration of it's 25th anniversary, developer WayForward is hosting a sale on a number of it's recent releases, many of which are on Nintendo platforms. The sale offers both 3DS and Wii U games at 25%-75% off their normal price. Among the discounted games is the excellent Shanatae and the Pirate's Curse and Mighty Switch Force. You can check out the full press release after the jump.

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A Classic Zombie Adventure - Zombie Incident Review

  Posted on 2015-03-01 18:49:42 by Jonathan N

A little bit of history is needed for this title. Zombie Incident was developed in 2011 for the MSXdev'11 competition, in which it won first prize. The competition was to develop a game for the MSX, a computer popular in Europe and Japan in the 1980's. Fast forward to today and the game has been spruced up a little and put up for 3DS download, though the original MSX ROM can still be downloaded (as well as a proper cart that can be played on actual MSX hardware).

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Golden Mario amiibo Coming Exclusively to Walmart March 20

  Posted on 2015-02-26 10:15:46 by Rial Johnson

The recently rumored Gold Mario amiibo has been confirmed for the U.S. today by Nintendo of America. The Gold Mario amiibo will be available exclusively at 3,000 Walmart stores in the U.S. in time for the launch of Mario Party 10 on March 20. This special edition gold color is purely an aesthetic, it will register to every supporting game as either of the other two Mario amiibo would. You can check out the full press release and a purchase link after the break...

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Here's the Most Difficult Super Mario World Level Beaten

  Posted on 2015-02-25 15:12:19 by Rial Johnson

A romhacker known as Pangaea Panga has spent the last 3 years creating and beating what is undoubtedly the most difficult Super Mario World level ever created. Item Abuse 3 is the third in a triology of insanely difficult custom Super Mario World levels that feature humanely impossible uses of items such as the  the cape, shells, yoshis, and keys. The completion of the level was a Tool Assisted Run, meaning it was slowed down frame by frame and used a number of other techniques a total of 78,160 tries to complete. You can see the completion of the level by it's creator as well as a download link after the break... 

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