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Pocodudeface: Wii U Mini Review Day 2

Well, we promised a week of Wii U coverage, so here it is. I'm going to be posting a post like this every day this week,until Saturday when I'll do the full review. Hit the jump for the overview! Even though I went to the midnight release I didn't have much time to play my Wii U. So today I finished configuring all my settings and figuring out exactly what he Wii U can do. After spending a bit doing that I started playing Nintendo Land again. I really enjoy most of the attractions, although Mario Chase and Luigi's Mansion are my favorites. I think Nintendo really did a good job with Nintendo Land, and it's really a great way to introduce you to what looks to be an awesome system. I also played some New Super Mario Bros U today, but only for a bit, I'm really not far enough to say anything yet. I also spent some time exploring Miiverse today, and it looks to be pretty cool. However, I hope we get an update for that soon, as it appears there isn't a whole lot we can do with it yet. I'm also really growing fond of the Wii U gamepad. It's light, feels great in the hands and is overall wonderful. I don't think I've glanced at the TV unless the game required me to, because it looks so much better on the Wii U gamepad. One last thing for today is that the Wii U has noticeabley long transition and loading screens, so I hope we can get a fix for that in the future. I you'll hear from me tommorow for some more of my thoughts on the Wii U. '


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