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Wii U Mini-Reviews: Day Two

Hey there!  Hope you all are enjoying your brand-new Wii U consoles.  Hopefully you had today off to experience your Wii U (I didn't, sadly)!  This whole week, you can expect mini-reviews from both Poco and I until Saturday, when we will be releasing the Official Full Review of the Wii U.  Jump inside for my Day Two Mini-Review.

 Nick's Day 2 Review

Today was the second day with the Wii U. Unfortunately, I had to go to school (and tomorrow as well). But luckily, I finished my homework and zipped right over to the Wii U. I played a little more of New Super Mario Bros U and a lot more Nintendo Land. Hop inside for small tidbits from our upcoming review, as well as my thoughts on a very important aspect of the Wii U: The System Transfer. New Super Mario Bros U is fun and all, but I honestly am starting to regret buying it. I'm not saying I don't like it, it's just...too Mario. Even my parents, on the way back from the store asked me what game I got. After I told them Mario, they said "The same old Mario?" Little did I know...they were right. Nintendo Land is as fun as ever. The 12 attractions can provide hours of endless fun to be had. Although it makes me sad there's no online feature, the multiplayer features that it does include are really fun, especially the Co-Op ones. Then again, the Versus ones are also fun too... As for the System Transfer, I did that today. I would've done it yesterday, but didn't have an SD Card. I ended up using my 3DS SD Card (which works, I believe, so long as you have enough memory - 512 MB). It takes a while depending on how much data you have on your Wii (I was shocked when I saw games that I rented from the store in like 2007), but not nearly as long as the Wii U Update. And it keeps you entertained (for a few minutes at least, before it gets old) with a cute little Pikmin animation showing the Pikmin manually transporting your data onto a rocketship and onto Planet Wii U. Stay tuned tomorrow for another Mini-Review, and come back to Nintendo Castle on Saturday for our official Full Review of the Wii U.


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