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The Legend of Zelda Vs Series

Hello everybody, if you have forgotten during the absence of content and articles I am Link8150, or Link, and along with my walkthrough of the Legend of Zelda I will soon begin a series of articles where I analyze two Zelda games and state which I believe is better based on six factors. I must thank the forums at Zelda Eternity, specifically JuiceiJ, for inspiring me with the “OoT vs MM” thread. Before I actually start writing and publishing these articles I thought it would be appropriate to inform you on what factors I will be considering when writing and comparing which game is better and what each factor is worth. Here is the criteria and the match ups (More will be added later) Bosses – ½ Point Characters – ½ Point Dungeons – 1 Point Creativity – 1 Point Gameplay – 2 Points Story – 2 Points 1. The Wind Waker vs Twilight Princess 2. Skyward Sword vs Winner of #1. 3. Ocarina of Time vs Majora’s Mask 4. Winner of #2 vs Winner of #3 I’m going to try to get these articles out weekly, although with school starting up again soon and my TLoZ walkthrough I don’t know how consistent I will be. That's all at the moment, later guys.  


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