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Wii U Release Date Leaked

The Wii U release date might just have been leaked during a presentation by gaming accessory-maker PDP at a GameStop managers' conference in Texas. A PDP representitive was showing the company's fall line-up at the conference and finished their presentation by saying their peripherals would be available just ahead of the Wii U's November 18 release date, according to an attendee who asked to remain anonymous. A similar account, by a different person, was posted on the NeoGAF message board. The Wii U release date has not been officially announced yet and will presumably be made official, along with the machine's price, at a major New York City event on September 13. "They changed the subject real quickly once they realized what they said," a source said. What do you think about the validity of this date? Do you hope it's right? Does this make you excited for the September 13 conference?

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