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Developer for the Wii U's Mass Effect 3 Announces Two New Projects

Mass Effect 3 for Wii U will be developed by the Australian studio Straight Right. Tom Crago, Straight Right's head, revealed that they are working on two new projects for the Wii U. One is an original game and the other is based on a big franchise. For the actual quote, click the button below.
It’s going to be a launch title, but of course we don’t know quite yet when the hardware will launch. We intend to be there that same day. This is the biggest title we’ve worked on in a long time. There’s a significant technical challenge bringing the game from its original format to the Wii U. It’s a new, different and sophisticated piece of hardware, so there’s a good deal of technical energy that’s been expended making that happen. We’ve made a number of bets on the Wii U, so we’re certainly hoping that the platform comes strongly out of the gate. We’ve got two other titles in development. One of them is original, our own IP, and another is based on another big franchise that will come out in 2013. It’s a big title and you will have heard of it.
What do you think of this news? Do you think you'll buy Mass Effect 3 when it launches with the Wii U?

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