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Wii U Reveal Post - Release Dates, Prices, Bundles, Oh My!

As you know, today, Nintendo of America held a large Wii U-centered press conference.  Other divisions of the world presented a Nintendo Direct broadcast to deliver (relatively) the same information.  I'm happy to announce that we finally have the release date, price, as well as an all new bundle! For the American NC readers, you can have the Wii U in your hands on November 18th for  $299.99 for the Basic Set, or $349.99 for the Deluxe Set!  For tons more info from today's conference, hit the jump! The Wii U Basic Set, which will come in white, contains the Wii U console, the Gamepad, an AC Adapter, HDMI, and Sensor Bar.  The Deluxe Set, which will come in black, and will include more memory (32 GB, as opposed to the Basic Set's Wii U's 8GB), a gamepad charging cradle, a stand for the Wii U and gamepad, a two year premium subscription to Nintendo Network, and Nintendo Land; plus everything that came in the Basic Set. It has also been confirmed that most Wii U games will retail for $59.99. As far as controllers go, the Wii U gamepad will not be available for retail in North America, because there aren't any games that supports multiple gamepads. If you need to replace a broken gamepad, you can do so directly through Nintendo of America. The Wii U Pro Controller will be available for a pricy $49.99 here in the States, and isn't included in any of the Wii U bundles. You also have the option of purchasing as much extra storage as you want, although Nintendo won't supply it themselves. Are you excited for the Wii U? Do you think the prices are fair? Which bundle will you get? Answer those questions and more in the comments below!    


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