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Marathon and More

Howdy. If you haven't noticed yet, it's been pretty quiet around here lately. It's been nearly a month since the marathon ended, and you guys haven't even got a post-marathon update yet. We didn't quite reach our goal of 190 hours. However, we did manage to stream over 120 non-stop Mario to you. I'd like to thank all of our loyal viewers, our extremely diligent staff, and the folks over at Zelda Eternityfor making this happen. Next year, we're shooting for a world record, so make sure to join us February 2014! Furthermore, the site is probably going to keep quiet for a bit. It's been a lot busier than expected for the whole staff, and we probably won't pick up activity again until June. However, make sure to stay tuned for the occasional news posts, and to keep using our guides! Thanks for reading, and thanks for being awesome!


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