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It's Dangerous To Go Alone... The Movie

Above is the trailer for a Legend of Zelda Movie. Rumors of such a masterpiece have been around the internet for a long time, starting with IGN's april fools day joke a few years back. Unfortunately, this is a documentary about the series, and not fictional cinema, but it still has the potential to be awesome! The movie is in HD, and will receive a DVD/Blu-Ray release, and possibly a theatrical one! The movie is set to launch by December, but they need your help! Joe Granato, the wonderful producer, is in need of $5,000 by June 1st, in 40 days. The Kickstarter project has already managed to raise 10% of that in a single day, so it's looking pretty good. However, make sure you donate on Kickstarter here. Also make sure to visit the official website here.


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