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We Need Your Help!


Nintendo Castle is a huge project. We currently have 8 active staff members that you can read about on the staff page. Writing content for every Nintendo game to date is going to take a lot more. That's where you come in! Nintendo Castle has many positions that may cater to your personal interests. These include writing or gathering news for the front page, writing walkthroughs or strategy guides for a variety of Nintendo games, or even designing graphics for our next layout. If you have some extra time and you'd like to help us out, check out our Staff Openings page, and consider applying. While you won't be compensated, working for Nintendo Castle does come with it's perks! You'll have access to exclusive news before the public, have a say in the future of the website, and most impotantly: you'll get to work with our wonderful staff team! If you enjoy gaming as much as we do, I hope you'll consider applying.


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