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Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 Out Now, 200cc Update Alongside

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The long awaited Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 has been released today. The new DLC that you can buy from the Nintendo eShop for $7.99 includes 3 new characters, 8 courses, and some new vehicles. Alongside the DLC comes the free 200cc update, adding the new mode for faster and more exciting racing action. You can look at the Mario Kart 8 4.0 patch notes after the break.

– 9 new Mii suits added: Wario, Pac-Man, Olimar, Bowser, Sonic, Toad, Villager, Rosalina and Mega Man
– 200cc class added
– Added sparks effect when braking in 200cc class
– Added braking on the Wii Remote by pressing the B, 1 and 2 buttons at the same time
– Added ability to add CPU players for online custom rules (only human players will be counted for scoring)
– Press Minus to display the map on the TV screen with the Pro Controller, Classic Controller, Wii Remote + Nunchuk
– On the Animal Crossing circuit, seasons are not random when you play Time Attack (you only have Summer)
– 10 new stamps for Miiverse
– Various bug fixes



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