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5 Characters Joining Smash Bros. From the Fighter Ballot?

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Disclaimer: This cuold very be an error or coincidental speculation. Nothing has been confirmed.

It appears that five fighters could join the battle as DLC in the future. Thanks to the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, those five characters could be chosen from the top picks on that. This rumor comes from the official Smash Bros. website, where if you go to the bottom of one of the characters pages, and move to the boxes all the way on the right, you can see Pac-Man, Mii Fighters, ???, Mewtwo, and then 5 blank boxes. Who could we see joining the battle? Plenty of Indie studios such as Wayforward of Shantae and Team Meat of Super Meat Boy are already pushing their characters to join the battle, and are saying that it would be awesome to see that happen to their characters! Who do you want in the battle? You can go and vote for who you want to join Super Smash Bros. at the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot site. Check out the picture of the rumor in question after the break!

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