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New Splatoon amiibo Wave Announced

Earlier today, Nintendo announced a whole new bunch of Splatoon amiibo, coming this July. The new amiibo include a purple haired Inkling Boy, a green haired Inkling Girl, an Orange Squid, as well as two amiibo of the Squid Sisters themselves, Callie and Marie. Keep reading for more on these new amiibo.

The Squid Sisters have been requested numerous amounts of times by fans to have their own amiibo, so hopefully, this announcement will please many. The new Inkling Boy and new Inkling Girl will be sold separately, each for $12.99, and there will be another amiibo 3-pack, featuring the new Inkling Boy, new Inkling Girl, and new Squid amiibo for $34.99. The Squid Sisters amiibo will be sold in a pack together for the price of $24.99. These five new Splatoon amiibo will be hitting shelves on Friday, July 8, 2016, so get saving! Check out the trailer for the new amiibo below.


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