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For an unknown reason, Americans like to gamble. There must be some sort of thrill we get by risking everything we have, for a very small chance to get much more. However, gambling is very controversial, and there are thousands of different laws about what you can do, how old you have to be, and where you are located. Video game developers may have come up with a solution to that. In this day in age, you have literally hundreds of video games you can play to get the same thrill as gambling itself. However, many play games such as Poker and Black Jack not to earn money, but because they actually enjoy the game. That's where the video games come in. Video Games give people the opportunity to play, and improve on their Poker skills without any risks. Unfortunately, because of age limitations on such games, especially casino oriented ones, these games are often giving the ESRB rating of M. If you're looking into some Gambling games however, fear not! Nintendo has produced some games that give you an opportunity to gamble, even if it's at a very low level. Games such as Fortune Street, New Super Mario Bros. and Harvest Moon all contain gambling and casino game elements, although they are aimed toward young beginners. Has your interest been piqued? Go here for more in-depth gambling adventures!

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