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New Wii U and 3DS Game Info Announced at Today's Nintendo Direct

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Today's Nintendo Direct has a plethora of information, so forgive me for the lengthy read.

This Nintendo Direct starts off with Lego City: Undercover. It showcases the game's visuals and a new feature in the Lego games, super blocks. Super blocks can be used to build special objects necessary to progress the story, such as a boat, car or even a bridge. The game's humor is also shown in a small clip where the protaganist, Chase McCain,  visits a prison and a scene plays out referencing the currently highest rated movie on IMDB, The Shawshank Redemption Pikmin 3 is the next on the list and to show off the game's sleek graphics, a lengthy graphics clip is shown. Game & Wario is the next installment in the WarioWare series and will be appearing on the Wii U. One of the mingames shown is a game where you play as a child trying to hide the fact that he is playing video games in bed when he should be asleep, a scenario with which I'm sure some of our readers are familiar. Fruit is a downloadable game to be released on the Wii U eShop. It is a multiplayer game, however, only the GamePad is used. The object of the game is that one person plays as a thief controlled by the GamePad and other players not on any controllers try to identify said thief as he steals apples and blends into the crowd. Wii Fit U is the next installment in the Wii Fit series. The main point emphasised in the video is the Fit Meter, a device used to add all calories burned when you're out and about to your Wii Fit U account. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge will feature the character Momiji as a playable character through a free download. Momiji is not the only character to be added to Ninja Gaiden 3, Kasumi from the Dead or Alive series will also be added as a free download. For information on new Wii U software and 3DS games, click the button below!

Panorama View, as seen in E3, will be implemented in the Wii U. It will allow users to experience tours of cities, from an open-top bus ride in London to a rickshaw ride in Kyoto, all from their living room. It will be featured as a paid download, however, a free demo will also be available. Google Maps Street View is also going to be featured as a download. It will allow users to have maps on their TV and Street View on their GamePad or vice versa. 3DS wise, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon was mentioned and shown, showcasing the graphics and gameplay in the game. Brain Age: Concentration Training is the latest installment in the Brain Age franchise, focusing on information addiction. Fire Emblem Awakening for the 3DS was mentioned and a new undead enemy was revealed, while my attention was drawn to the "warrior claiming to be the legendary Marth." Two New DLC packs were revealed for New Super Mario Bros 2. The Nintendo Direct ended with two downloadable games for the 3DS, Tokyo Crash Mobs and HarmoKnight. What do you think of this Nintendo Direct? What news excites you the most?

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