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Episode 2 of The Fall to come in Fall 2015

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It was revealed earlier today via Miiverse that sales from The Fall: Episode 1 (review) have earned enough revenue to fully fund Episodes 2 & 3. Development of the next entry has already begun development and will arrive on the Wii U eShop next autumn. The team at Over The Moon games is currently working on the EU/AU Wii U versions of the game (with an expected November release) and porting the game to PS4 and Xbox One. Hit the jump for a full press release.
Hey there! A short and sweet note from John and I to you. We've been getting lots of questions about the future of The Fall, and want to make sure that you know, that the next episode of "The Fall" has been fully funded and will be released in early Autumn 2015. From John: " It was always our goal to find a way to make them, even if our sales were almost non-existent, but thankfully we've had enough interest that making them will be easy." John and the team are working on the next chapter of Arid's story, and we'll be updating you here are we have more to share. Until then, we're still working on our WiiU EU/AUS launch (fingers crossed for a November release) and porting to the XBOX One and PS4. Lots on the go!
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