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3DS Deal of the Day - Paper Mario: Sticker Star

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Today's 3DS deal can land you Paper Mario: Sticker Star for $20.95. The game is shipped free with orders of over $35, and comes from retailer Amazon. Make sure to check out our Deals page for other great price reductions, and stay tuned for tommorow's Deal of the Day. If you don't want to miss anything that happens in the world of Nintendo, follow us on social media in the following outlets: Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | Youtube | Twitch

About the Author: Rial Johnson

Rial Johnson founded Nintendo Castle in 2011 with hopes to build the largest collection of Nintendo walkthroughs, guides, and content on the web. He is an avid gamer with a special place in his heart for Nintendo, but often finds himself writing about games more than actually playing them. You'll likely see him around Nintendo Castle and on social media, mostly managing the front-end content of the site.

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