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Yacht Club Games Says Shovel Knight has a Very High Attach Rate with Wii U

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In a recent interview on She Attack, the developer behind recent indie hit Shovel Knight explained how and why the game had such a high attach rate, and why developers shouldn't dismiss the eShop for their games. You can check out the full response after the jump.
“Figure out what makes sense for your game. Maybe you think the Wii U install base is small, but in actuality, it has a very high game attach rate, so it might surpass the sales you'd see on another system. Getting the game running on the 3DS might be quite a challenge, but compared to the iOS market, it may be a lot easier to make your game stand out from the competition. It could be possible your game fits more with what a Nintendo fan would buy. Development for any system is expensive and difficult, so do the research to make sure the platform you choose really makes sense for your game!”

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