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Super Mario Maker is Getting an Update November 4th

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We've already seen Nintendo giving Splatoon many updates, whether it be adding new weapons, stages, or a bug patch or nerf patch. Well, it looks like it is time for Super Mario Maker's turn. This Wednesday, Super Mario Maker will be getting a new update bringing not one, but five new things to the game. Keep reading to find out more!

One of the updates include a long requested update since the game launched last month, checkpoints. Users will be able to add checkpoints to their levels so you can continue from the checkpoint if you die. Other features being added include a small tweak to powerups in blocks, as well as adding the ability to see courses created by Nintendo employees and event levels too. Are you excited for the new update? The update for Super Mario Maker will be free and will come out this Wednesday, November 4. Be sure to check out the trailer for the update below!

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