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Kirby and the Rainbow Curse: What You Need To Know

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The next game in the Kirby franchise, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse for Nintendo Wii U, has officially released today! If you are on the edge of buying it, and need a little more convincing, or you are already planning to purchase it, here is what you need to know about the game. Look at the details of the game after the break!

The Plot: The game takes place in Dream Land, where in the beginning, a mysterious hole appears in the sky, sucking out all of the color in Dream Land. Everyone and everything freezes and stops, while a paintbrush escapes evil forces and bring the color back to Kirby and Waddle Dee. They both head out to fight an evil force named Claycia, and to restore color back to the world.

Design: It is designed with a clay-like feeling, making it look very kid friendly. Hopefully it doesn’t affect your thoughts of the game.

Controls: As said by Derrick Bitner of GameXplain, “The player doesn’t have direct control of Kirby, so the lines are essential in getting him through the levels and avoiding traps and enemies.” Basically, you use the Gamepad to draw lines using the stylus that Kirby can roll on, most of the time being a curved line, so Kirby can access different areas. The lines can also help Kirby avoid enemies and obstacles, but are not infinite, so watch out!

Gameplay: Basically, it is a get to the end of the level game, while collecting things and avoiding or killing enemies. As stated before, you need to draw lines to help Kirby move around and to get to different parts of the level. There are also different transformations of Kirby in some levels, such as Tank Kirby, which lets you shoot and kill enemies, Submarine Kirby which lets you shoot torpedoes, which can be guided using your lines, and Rocket Kirby which lets you smash through anything, but can only go in a straight line. Yes, this game lets 4 players play together in multiplayer, so invite your friends over!


amiibo: There are currently three amiibo known to be compatible with this game, Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede. According to Nintendo’s compatibility chart, these are only read-only. The amiibo give Kirby powers that make him stronger, but are not needed to complete the game, so don’t worry if you don’t own or don’t plan on picking up any of the amiibo.




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