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Nintendo Reveals Nintendo World Championships Qualifying Locations

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In the Nintendo E3 2015 promo video, Nintendo announced the return of the Nintendo World Championships for the first time in 25 years. Today, Nintendo revealed the eight locations of the qualifying for Nintendo World Championships 2015 on Saturday, May 30. You can check out the full announcement on their website. You can also check the eight locations for the qualifying taking place on May 30 after the break.

 1717 Harrison St.

San Francisco, CA


3675 Pacific Coast Highway

Torrance, CA


10760 NW 17th St.

Miami, FL


900 E. Golf Road

Schaumburg, IL


12905 Elm Creek Blvd. N

Maple Grove, MN


5001 Northern Blvd

Long Island City, NY


9378 N Central Expy

Dallas, TX


2214 S. 48th St.

Tacoma, WA


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