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With the release of the upcoming third-person shooter game for Wii U, Splatoon, which has already arrived in stores in Japan, and is arriving in stores tomorrow for North America and Europe, you still may be on the verge of buying the game. So should you get the game or not? You decide for yourself! Find out tons of details about the game after the break.


About the game: Splatoon is a third-person shooter, which uses ink as a weapon against whatever your enemy is. The game is made by Nintendo developers who all helped out with the launch of the Wii U, as said in the latest Iwata Asks, talking about Splatoon.


Singleplayer: The singleplayer mode brings you on a mission to save all the missing Zapfish that were stolen by the Octarians, your enemy. Through the aide of Cap'n Cuttlefish, you go through each level, defeating each enemy, and collect the different objectives in each level, such as the Sunken Scrolls, and orbs that let you upgrade your artillery. 


Multiplayer: There are currently six different multiplayer modes known as of right now in Splatoon: Turf War, Battle Dojo, Splatfest, and the Ranked Battles which consist of Splat Zones, Tower Control, and Rainmaker. In Turf War, it is the main multiplayer mode of Splatoon, in which there are two teams against each other, both teams a different color. The teams must battle it out by inking the arena in as much of their ink as possible, while being attacked by the opposing team. In the end, the team with the most ink on the map wins, as determined by Judd the Cat. Battle Dojo is a local 1 vs. 1 mode, where one person uses the Gamepad, and the other uses the TV screen and a different controller, like the Wii U Pro Controller. Both players try and pop the most balloons using their ink. In the end, the player with the most balloons popped wins! And finally, Splatfest, a mode like Conquest mode in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. This mode lets you choose which team to be on, like what do you like better, dogs or cats? Then, you will battle for your team, and whichever team wins, all the players receive a Super Sea Snail.


Multiplayer (Ranked Battles): The other three modes will be unlockable once enough players reach level 10. These modes include Splat Zones, Tower Control, and Rainmaker. In Splat Zones, two teams verus each other like in Turf War, except in this, they fight over certain zones in the arena, that are captured by inking it with your color. Then, once your team has claimed it, a timer, starting from 100, counts down. Whichever team gets their timer to 0 first wins. There is also the Tower Control mode, in which an Inkling from one of the sides take control of a tower somewhere on the map, and must bring the tower to the enemy's base, while being attacked by the enemy team. And finally, there is the Rainmaker mode, which no information has been given out about it yet, but will be added in a future update. All that is know is that a, "metallic fish with a nozzle in its mouth" will somehow be involved in this, possibly as a weapon.


Shops: In Inkopolis Plaza, the central hub, there are four shops to buy from. These shops are located in the Booyah Base area, which consists of Ammo Knights, Cooler Heads, Jelly Fresh, and Shrimp Kicks. At Ammo Knights, you can buy new weapons, and upgrades for weapons, including sub-weapons, main weapons, and special weapons. In Cooler Heads, you can buy caps, hats, and other accessories for your Inkling to wear. Jelly Fresh is the shop to buy clothing at, mostly tops. Finally, at Shrimp Kicks, you can buy different shoes or footgear for your Inkling to wear.


amiibo: As of now, there are three amiibo that are all compatible with Splatoon, the Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, and Squid, which all release tomorrow, May 29. These amiibo will unlock special missions that are basically just the singleplayer levels, but that you finish using a certain weapon. For example, the Inkling Girl amiibo gives you the charger weapon to finish the levels with, while the Inkling Boy amiibo gives you roller missions. The Squid amiibo is only available in the 3-pack, featuring all three of those amiibo, for $43.99, or, if you're not interested in the Squid amiibo, you can buy the Girl and Boy Inkling amiibo for the regular amiibo price of $12.99 each.  

So, after reading this, are you planning on picking up Splatoon and any of the amiibo tomorrow or in the future? 

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