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Prototype of a Nintendo and Sony Collaboration Console Found

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Back after Nintendo had already made two consoles, the NES and SNES, Nintendo was working with Sony to try and create a console collaboration with them that would be an SNES with a CD-ROM drive, called the Playstation. However, for unknown reasons, Nintendo left their partnership with Sony to instead collaborate on a console with Philips, which would then of course lead to the infamous Philips CD-i. You can continue reading for more info on this after the break, as well as for pictures of this prototype, as well as a video of it.


After Olaf Olafsson, a former CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment had a comany in which he was president, Advanta, the company filed for bankruptcy in 2009. A man named Terry Diebold had then been ordered to clean out the offices and throw away things that he found. Obviously he didn't throw away everything since he found this. He found this and somehow his son, Dan Diebold found it or received it from him, who is now showing the world this prototype that has been trending. This seems like a very interesting and cool find of him, what do you think of it?








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