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Costume Party vs. Fancy Party Splatfest Set for May 14

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Splatoon is getting yet another Splatfest! Announced earlier last week, Splatoon players will be able to compete in the 14th Splatfest for America, Europe, and Japan, with the theme being a costume party or a fancy party. This Splatfest's theme is being tied in with Nintendo's first mobile app, Miitomo, which is currently featuring, "Would you rather go to a fancy party or a costume party?" as the Everybody Answers question. Keep reading for more on the upcoming Splatfest.

Last Splatfest marked the first time American and European players could compete in Splatfest together, but this time, it is a worldwide Splatfest, so all players can join in on the fun! This Splatfest will be taking place from May 13 at 8PM PT (11PM EST) until May 15 at 3AM PT (6AM EST). You can head to the voting booth in Splatoon's plaza and vote to be ready for this weekend. So what team will you be competing for, costume party or fancy party?

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