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Final Splatfest Announced for July 22

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It has come to that time, the arrival of the final Splatfest in Splatoon. This past week, Nintendo tweeted out the theme for next Splatfest, also announcing that it will be the final one. This theme comes after the end of last Splatfest, when Marie’s team, the Night Owls, won against the Early Birds. This led to some interesting dialogue between the two sisters, stating that the next Splatfest, they would be playing for keeps. Now fans will have to come to one of the hardest decisions, Callie or Marie.

Fans have also been receiving an email where they can vote for their favorite stage to be selected as the final stage for Splatfest. Players can begin selecting their team for the final Splatfest on July 4 at 7PM PT (10PM EST) and voting for the maps will end July 12. After that, the final Splatfest will begin on July 22 at 2AM PT (5AM EST) and will conclude on July 24 at 2AM PT (5AM EST). Who’s side will you be on?

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