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Super Mario Maker is Being Ported to the 3DS

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During today's 3DS-focused Nintendo Direct presentation, a port of the Wii U game Super Mario Maker was revealed for the 3DS. Super Mario Maker 3DS will feature all the course creation tools available in the Wii U version, bar the mystery mushroom costumes. You'll unfortunately not be able to share the courses you create online (although a select number of online Wii U courses will be playable), as Nintendo has elected to focus this version of the game on local and more intimate course sharing. This means that courses can be shared from 3DS to 3DS and through Streetpass. The game will release on Decemeber 2, in time for the holiday season.

What do you think of porting Wii U games to the 3DS? Another Wii U exclusive, Yoshi's Wooly World, is also getting a 3DS port and we saw Hyrule Warrior Legends earlier this year as well. I'm almost never a fan of these types of ports, but I can see the justification for porting games that might sell better on a portable system with a larger user-base. Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on social media.

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