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Fire Emblem Heroes is Coming to iOS and Android February 2nd

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Alongside a brand new 3DS entry, an upcoming Switch release, and Fire Emblem Warriors for Switch and New 3DS, a new mobile Fire Emblem game is also on the radar. On February 2, 2017 iOS and Android users will be able to download Fire Emblem Heroes for free. This new smartphone expirience is Nintendo's 3rd (or 4th, if you count Miitomo) plunge into the mobile market with a major franchise, following Pokémon GO and Super Mario Run (which is coming to Android in March).

Gameplay of Fire Emblem Heroes focuses on the summoner (that's you) building an army of units and engaging againt enemies in battle. As with most strategy RPGs, expirience is gained after each battle that will make your heroes and army stronger.

Unlike Super Mario Run's strategy of a fixed price point, Heroes will monetize through micro-transactions. For a currently unknown price (or through in game grinding) you'll be able to purchase orbs that allow you to gather more in-game characters known as heroes. The heroes are Fire Emblem characters that come from a wide range of games in the series.

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