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A Nintendo Direct is Coming March 8

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Nintendo Direct March 8

Rumors were floating around earlier this week, but now we know for sure that we're getting a new Nintendo Direct on March 8. It will stray from the usual schedule a little bit and instead air at 2 P.M. PT / 5 P.M. ET. The Nintendo Direct will feature information on upcoming Switch and 3DS games. It should also be roughly 30 minutes in length.

Nintendo also claims there will be an extended focus on Mario Tennis Aces, which is coming this Spring but doesn't have a definite release date yet. A rather odd choice to focus a direct on, but there's sure to be some other surprises tucked in as well. You can check out the Nintendo Direct site to watch it live tomorrow or just check back here after the fact and we'll get you caught up on everything you need to know.

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