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Animal Crossing Mobile Direct Coming October 24

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Nintendo has been fairly quiet about the Animal Crossing mobile game coming to smartphones, but it looks like that is about to change. Announced via Twitter, the direct will be airing tomorrow, October 24, and will be focusing only on the mobile game. They’ve made it very clear that there will be no mention of Nintendo Switch or 3DS in the Direct, but doesn’t eliminate all possibility of it in the future.

The new mobile game joining the lineup of Fire Emblem Warriors, Pokemon GO, Miitomo, and Super Mario Run was originally announced in April 2016, and was later on delayed to 2017. With it just now getting more info, should we be expecting it to get delayed again, or will it be closer than we think? We’ll have to wait and see.

The Animal Crossing Mobile Direct will be airing tomorrow, October 24, at 8pm PT (11pm ET) and will last for roughly 15 minutes. Make sure you tune in to find out more about the upcoming game.

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