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Debate-Themed RPG Reality Layer Zero Announced

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Reality Layer Zero Title Screen

An indie game based around a hybrid between debate and card gameplay was recently revealed. Titled Reality Layer Zero, this game tasks you with the art of persuasion through the medium of cards. Story gameplay will revolve around debating NPCs to uncover information concerning an ominous note.

Though the game follows a fairly standard turn-based rhythm, players will be tasked with using their tactics to hone in on one of three types of energy. Logos, Pathos, and Ethos are the three resources, allowing you to fill up a gauge that then determines your progress towards victory.

Debate Card Game Reality Layer Zero

This debate card game RPG will focus on stacking energy, status effects, and combos that ultimately end in you cashing in and finishing the debate.

Detective Card Games Reality Layer Zero

Though information right now is rather sparse, the game will be coming to Steam and itch.io sometime in early 2023.

Reality Layer Zero Gameplay

You can also visit the website for Reality Layer Zero, or watch the full reveal trailer below.

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