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Free Animal Crossing 2.0 Update Adds Nearly Everything Fans Asked For

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Free Update

As was suggested in the most recent Nintendo Direct, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is getting a major update. The Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update was detailed earlier today. It is bringing back a slew of fan favorite characters including Brewster, Kapp'n, and Katrina. Gyroids are also back with many customization options. Various new features are coming as well, here is the full list of them:

  • The Roost, a coffee shop run by Brewster, will be returning to the museum. Various island residents will spend time here and you can invite particular characters via their amiibo or cards.
  • The sailor Kapp'n is back and will offer you boat tours to various islands. These locations function like mystery islands but various new island types have been added.
  • Gyroids are back and can be dug up at random and planted on your island. There are many unique shapes and sounds and the colors are customizable.
  • Harv's Island will be getting a plaza of shops that is reminiscent of the City Folk plaza. Current characters like Redd, Saharah, and Kicks will have permanent shops set up here. Some new (to New Horizons) additions like Katrina the fortune teller and Harriet the hairdresser will also have shops here.
  • Cooking will be added and there will be DIY recipes for various meals. Ingredients like tomatoes, wheat, and potatoes can be grown in your garden and used in these recipes. Food can be consumed or used as decoration.
  • Various ordinances are back that you can set for your town. They do things like shift island activity towards the morning or evening or make it easier to get bells on your island.

Various smaller features like new furniture, expanded storage options, and other quality of life updates are also included in the free update. This will be the last major Animal Crossing update and comes out on November 5, 2021. Here's the full video with details:

In addition to the free update, there will also be paid DLC coming on November 5. It will essentially be an iteration of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for 3DS. The DLC is called Happy Home Paradise and will be available for $24.99 or included as part of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack ($50/year).

The Happy Home Paradise DLC will have you join the Paradise Planning Team, which serves as an interior decorating service for various clients across a new archipelago. It has you completing remodeling and decoration request to build dream homes for various characters. You can learn various design techniques that can be carried over to the main game.

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