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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life is Getting a Switch Remake

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Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Switch

One of the announcements that excited me the most from the most recent Nintendo Direct was a remake of the 2004 Gamecube game Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. Nearly 20 years later, you'll be able to play it as Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life on the Switch. It has an expected release date of Summer 2023.

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Switch

A Wonderful Life is my personal favorite entry in the series, and features several unique gameplay elements. The primary feature that makes this game distinct is the ability for the main character to age. The game is divided into chapters of in-game years, with the main character and his family advancing in life after every chapter. Changes occur with the town and villagers throughout the years as well.

If you are confused about why this is called "Story of Seasons" and not "Harvest Moon", you aren't alone. The original Harvest Moon series was developed by the Japanese studio Marvelous Interactive and published by Natsume in the west. Starting in 2014, Marvelous decided to publish their own games in the west, but Natsume owns the name "Harvest Moon". So Marvelous decided to continue making the series, but publishing under the name "Story of Seasons" in the west. Natsume then decided to start it's own farming-sim series using the name they owned, "Harvest Moon". And thus we have two different series of games and a lot of confusion.

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Switch

In addition to the name of the game, some other small naming changes will occur in the remake, presumably for copyright reasons. Some of the names of the characters will change slightly, like "Celia" to "Cecilia". While the core game is the same, some additional gameplay updates will be made as well, some of which include changes from the Special Edition version of the game on PS2. You'll also be able to marry any of the marriage candidates, regardless of your choice of gender.

This is one I'm really looking forward to, so stay tuned for more information and check out the trailer here:

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