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Isabelle is in Smash Ultimate, Animal Crossing is on Nintendo Switch

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Animal Crossing Switch Reveal

Sakurai is sure having a fun time with these Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveals. Today's direct concluded with a a bit of a tease for Animal Crossing fans. Footage of Isabelle in the mayor's office suggested a new Animal Crossing game might be coming to Switch. Turns out that it was just Isabelle being announced for Smash. She's the newest fighter (not an echo) in what is definitely the most ambitious cross-over ever. Check out the trailer below to see her moveset and game footage.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Isabelle

Of course, Nintendo isn't so cruel to announce Isabelle without a new Animal Crossing game. Tom Nook cleared it up for us and confirmed that an Animal Crossing game is coming to Switch after all. That's basically all the information we've got, but we do know that it's currently slated for 2019. If the reveal was anything to judge by, it's going to be pretty too.

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