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Ken, Incineroar, and Piranha Plant are Fighters in Smash Ultimate

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Smash Ultimate Incineroar

The two new playable fighters revealed are Ken from Street Fighter and the Pokemon Incineroar. Ken is an echo fighter of Ryu and Incineroar is based on a professional wrestler.

Spirits are a new feature that replaces trophies form previous games. SPirits can be aqquired and equipped to fighters to power them up, similar to custom moves. Spirits are based on Nintendo and third party characters.

Local wireless and online play are of course a feature in Ultimate. Online matchmaking will be based on proximity and a preferred ruleset. For Fun and For Glory are no longer modes. Battle arenas serve as lobbies to play, spectate, and queue amongst friends. The Nintendo Switch Online App will be used alongside another video/screenshot sharing app called Smash World.

There will be at least 5 DLC packs coming in the future that each include a brand new fighter, stage, and music. They'll sell for $5.99 and be released through February 2020. Those who purchase the game before 1/31/2019 will get the fighter Piranha Plant a few months after the game launches for free.

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