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Mario Tennis Aces Will be Served on Switch June 22

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Mario Tennis Aces Switch

A significant portion of this week's Nintendo Direct was dedicated to Mario Tennis Aces. The game will be arriving on Switch on June 22. Gameplay will largely resemble the Mario Tennis games of the past, but with a few extra modes and twists.

Zone Shots and Zone Speed will allow for the game to be slowed down temporarily for more accuracy and power in your shots or defense. Of course, this will cost energy and must be used in moderation. Other new trick shots like the Super Shot that can blast through an opponent's racket were shown off. The game will also feature motion controls à la Wii Sports Tennis. All of these bells and whistles can of course be turned off in favor of a more traditional tennis experience.

The game will also feature online tournaments that will dish out character unlocks and new outfits to the winners. There will also be one free pre-launch tournament announced at a later date. Stay tuned for more Mario Tennis Aces coverage and check out its dedicated section from the Nintendo Direct for further details.

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